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Compared with these big pictures aspects of the book — the linguistic, the politico-social — I felt more desposekdos with her philosophical considerations at a micro or personal level.

Views Read Edit View history. So okay, I have to apologize for pontificating about subjects seemingly unrelated to The Dispossessed. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. My main, big problem with The Dispossessed it’s that it often felt like a theoretical book, or like an essaymore than like a work of fiction.

Look, for example, at this list: For Shevek however the strongly conservative, socially conformist society of Anarres is restrictive. I needed to understand my own passionate opposition to the war that we were, endlessly it seemed, waging in Vietnam, and endlessly protesting at home.

When put like this, in a sense, it’s all very similar to Huxley’s Brave New World one of my favorite novels of all times only in reversed circumstances. So, yes, Desposwidos, Shevek is quite like me in many ways, but since I’ve never had a single alcoholic drink in my life, I am even more unreliable as a character!!

Some might find this novel slow going, but if you’re interested in contrasting political and social systems, I’d highly recommend it! If it desposiedos taken me like four mouths to read this book, I would’ve probably given it five stars. Others I can give an interpretation, but without the guarantee it will be the same as intended back in the day. Kingsley Widmer, “The Dialectics of Utopianism: At the centre of events is Shevek, a brilliant Anarresti physicist.


I would call them “my” notes. Le Guin’s utopianism, however, differs from low traditional “anarchist commune. Shevek, the main character, talking about his home planet Anarres, a socialist framework society.

At first, you think that the Annaresti have already achieved that; it’s just a question of having the right social structures. Not a very stable concept, is it? Through what we see of Urras, we realize that anarchy isn’t necessarily going to save the day.

Los Desposeídos: una utopía ambigua – Ursula K. Le Guin – Google Books

Michael Murray No they are quite distinct books. The world-buildi The first time I read this book back in the early nineties, I would have given it a four star rating because I was slightly annoyed with the prose and the steadily boring pace where nothing really big happens mostly except a general living of a life.

Well, the superficial and ideologically reflexive reader thinks they are the same thing. The two worlds have a bit of strained relationship: An effort sustained by the thought that the effort will never be complete, with the kinder words of uniqueness and altruism inextricably bound up with those of egotism and naivety, where one kith and kind of knowledgeable insight will never, truly, be enough, no matter how much compartmentalization the simple act of socializing in theorized, standardized, economized forms demands.

Los Desposeidos

The Dispossessed brings up the plight of ourselves in science, the fact that certain ideas get heavily entrenched and new ones are mercilessly cut down at least until a new generation takes over. There’s distrust, revulsion against new thought, a nearly impossible wall between the sexes and the obvious exception to that rule in this novel is noteworthy also because it occurs with the Dispossessed scientist. She’s done a good job, and you can’t help admiring the brave and kind Annaresti.


Worthy of my attention? It has an end.

Los Desposeidos : Ursula K Le Guin :

View all 10 comments. No matter what pressures are brought to bear, Shevek is his own man. The capitalist swing currently is towards big corporations and I can only hope that eventually the very things we lost will eventually be the things we most want again. Want to Read saving…. Some years ago, never mind how many, I set out to be the tedious, most hypocritical, unreal character in all of fiction. Science Fiction is best, most lasting, most literate, when it is using its conventional form s to explore not space but us.

The call in the text to keep the flow of information going was really breathtaking, if not that unique. Cover of first edition hardcover.

But the weak characterizations, uninspiring writing, unnecessarily non-linear storytelling, lack of action, and disappointing ending all added up to a very difficult and unrewarding reading experience for me.

Each alone, solitary, with despozeidos heap of what he owns. They live in Portland, Ore. Beautifully written, this can be subtlety brilliant and painfully clear, some scenes left me unable to go on, yet I was compelled, entranced and beckoned desposeios continue. Like his society, he’s not in any way perfect, and his life is a long struggle to try and understand the secrets of temporal physics, which he often feels are completely beyond him.

It’s Taoism and a mix of opposites and equals creating something more than the sum of its parts.

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