La mas famosa novela de Tom Sharpe, en la que el autor no deja titere con cabeza. El protagonista, Henry Wilt, encadenado a un empleo demencial como. Reseña de Wilt, novela de humor británico a cargo de Tom Sharpe. Primera parte de una saga de cinco libros. Valoración: Ovación. Tom Sharpe w hat he w ould do if he w as appointed M inister of Education or, better still, Prim It’s as m uch as I can do to get him to take the dog for a w alk.

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The Wilt Alternative (Wilt, #2) by Tom Sharpe

Right up to the last pages this book is sure to entertain. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Compellingly hilarious from start to finish. Wilt is a middle aged man who aspires to a life of peace and tranquility and yet constantly finds himself amidst chaos to, admittedly some of his own making.

H Very rarely do I find a book so clever and witty that I actually laugh out loud as I turn the pages.

Don’t make the mistake of reading this book in public. Written insome of it is a bit dated, but for the most part it is still a wonderfully fresh sendup of domestic life in bottom level academia. Le doy 4 estrellas por la grata sorpresa de que no saliera rana, y el humor grueso sin complejos Hay veces que los mejores libros son de los que no esperas nada. Sharpe lived in South Africa as a child, and went back there in after studying at Pembroke College, Cambridge.

If he makes fun of women In my opinion in terms of humour I found Wilt alternative more funny than Wilt, weather that is just down to the fact I get Tom sharpe humour more now or fact it was just genrally more funny to me I don’t know. Wilt’s problems are compounded by nature in the shape of a rose bush, nostalgia, temporary infatuation with a foreign student and the hostility of medical services unwilling to attend to his most urgent needs.


Its success let to the author writing several sequels. In the story Wilt is same old mellacholic self, despite fact he lives in much bigger house and has “quads”. The language is a wonderful mash up of academic jargon, feminist rhetoric and psychobabble.

Primer libro de la serie dedicada a las desventuras de Wilt. I imagine if Don DeLillo wrote a comedy it would turn out a lot like this. Trivia About Wilt Wilt, 1. You take jokes as actual insults against your beliefs kind of the same as B, Wikt, and A really. I decided to revisit it as an adult but was slightly dubious.

Verdaguer gave medical attention to Sharpe but they were also friends, so she knows a number of first-hand anecdotes. Ok I am on a bit of a Tom Sharpe run but this book introduced you Henry Wilt someone who you cannot help but feel is one of life’s victims although some of it he does bring on himself – it is cutting, it is vulgar, it is insulting and you know you it is going to be hilarious but also just ever so slightly familiar.

Tom Sharpe’s Wilt stays in Catalonia

Het was een mooie flashback. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This is still a very funny book, surely a gold-standard member of the British humour club. Principalmente para quem gosta de humor negro.

Tom Sharpe’s Wilt stays in Catalonia | In English | EL PAÍS

Sharpe’s prose is exceedingly clever, articulate, witty–biting. It’s a short, dare I say it Sharpe read and if you feel the need to escape from reality for a few hours, I couldn’t recommend a novel more highly. I will say, this book is not for children, nor are his others.

View all ed comments. Along the way he finds humiliation and chaos, which ultimately lead him to discover his own strengths and some level of dignity.

De onzin van de uitwassen rond de sharpf drang tot emancipatie die toen zelfs manifest werden in een voorheen deftige krant als de NRC worden nog eens in hun volle omvang in de herinnering geroepen. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


The Wilt Alternative

Jul 13, Libros Prohibidos rated xharpe it was amazing. Tom Sharpe comedy capers are brilliant. Of course modern readers may find it a little misogynistic and while some of the attitudes may belong firmly to the era in which the book was written, to condemn it for these reasons would be a mistake.

Some of his phrases are truly unforgettable! Mar 17, Maria rated it liked it.

A must read for anyone wanting a good laugh. I have yet to erase the image of Wilt impersonating the People’s Alternative Army. It was funny, but not hilarious; enjoyable, but not good enough for me to go searching for more of his stuff. But a string of unfortunate events including one involving an inflatable plastic female doll start Henry on a farcical journey. It is very dark humor and certainly not to everyone’s tastes but even though I’d read it before I still found myself laughing at some of the scenes.

I read it because my dad had it kicking around the house. Much of the book is laugh out loud humour. His home life isn’t much better.

To ask other readers questions about The Wilt Wltplease sign up. Shxrpe a peculiarly nasty experience at a party thrown by particularly nasty Americans, Wilt finds himself in several embarrassing positions: Si bien la historia tiene momentos divertidos, no han sido desternillantes.

Andrew SachsNigel Graham. All the while he is pursued by the tenacious police inspector Flint, whose plodding skills of detection and deduction interpret Wilt’s often bizarre actions as heinous crimes. Preferred the first one, but nevertheless I give it 5 stars for all the laugh attacks I had on my way to work!

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