Opinion – Exactly eight years ago this month scores of Ijaw youths met at Kaiama, the hometown of the late Isaac Idaka Boro, the Ijaw warrior. On December 11, , 5, Ijaw people representing over 40 Ijaw clans, chose the town of Kaiama to articulate their aspirations for the Ijaw people, and to . But it s having a running battle with security agents over a planned meeting of Ijaw youths worldwide, today, on the Kaiama Declaration.

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Particularly of note is that the Vice President is an Ijaw man and secondly, he is the number two citizen of the country and when we pulled out of further negotiations with the Federal Government on the Niger-Delta peace process, I am sure that the President called him and they looked at the consequences of our pulling out, which, was like a deadlock, and he initiated a process to talk to our elders, our fathers so that they can reach us.

So there is a problem of conspiracy between the army and the bunkerers. Eight years after the grim picture the Kaiama Declaration painted about Ijawland the plight of the area has further deepened. No plan to introduce tuition fees in public varsities. The Nembe people in said: Council, however, urged all Ijaws to prepare for greater challenges ahead because the hearts of our oppressors have been hardened against our struggle for freedom and justice.

Retrieved 4 June We, therefore, demand that all oil companies stop all exploration and exploitation activities in the Ijaw area. We Ijaws are fishermen and women in the main. Saro-Wiwas works include TV, drama and prose writing, Transistor Radio, one of his best known plays was written for a revue during his university days at Ibadan but still resonated well with Nigerian society and was adapted into a television series.

Kaiama Declaration – WikiVisually

The NCNC later became the National Convention of Nigerian Citizens, after western Cameroon decided to separate from Nigeria, the ruling party of eastern Nigeria did not seek to preclude the separation and even encouraged it. We demand the immediate withdrawal from Ijawland of all military forces of occupation and repression by the Nigerian State.


The drowning of corps members in Taraba. That the recent revelations of the looting of national treasury by the Abacha junta is only a reflection of an existing and continuing trend of stealing by public office holders in the Nigerian state. It is time for every Ijaw to reexamine his or her conscience and make those choices and decisions that would move us forward.

Being a maritime people, many Ijaws were employed in the merchant shipping sector in the early, with the advent of oil and gas exploration in their territory, some are employed in that sector. We further hope that initiatives and strategies to identify and empower individuals with progressive vision for Ijaw nation will commence immediately. FG to prosecute directors of defunct Skye Bank.

And the security agency is the Joint Task Force and they are doing everything possible to remain in the region because they are doing their business.

Security alert as Ijaw youths revisit Kaiama declaration | Oyibos OnLine

Notwithstanding the schematics of party politics, we are a people bound by a common destiny. The utmost consideration in the minds of the declaratkon was to provoke the Federal Government to open a transparency and a comprehensive problem-resolving dialogue with a people who have tremendously sacrificed for the Nigerian State.

Oil and gas are exhaustible resources and the complete lack of concern for ecological rehabilitation, in the light of the Oloibiri experience, is a signal of impending doom for the peoples of Ijawland.

Ambassador to Nigeria Howard F. Council brushed aside their refusal and empowered the collegiate leadership to engage in genuine dialogue that would lead to: Ijaw youths and Peoples will promote the principle of peaceful coexistence between all Ijaw communities and with our kaiams neighbours, despite the provocative and divisive actions of the Nigerian State, transnational oil companies and their contractors.

Salvatore Giunta beside President Barack Obama.


Kaiama Declaration

Council, particularly commended the role some of our elders have played in the ongoing struggle for self-determination for our nation. It is a very sad commentary on the State of Ijaw nation that after the very recent pronouncement of the epochal Kaiama Declaration KD coupled with the heroic and brave struggles of our youths against our oppressors in its aftermath the Ijaw nation is still engaged in a battle to chart a self-sustaining course for liberation.

In Yenagoa, capital of Bayelsa State, a heavy-handed security force response led to confrontations over the next few days between youths and soldiers in Yenagoa and nearby communities that resulted in the deaths of dozens of youths and two or three deckaration, as described below. As with many other new African declzration, the borders of the country did not reflect earlier ethnic boundaries, thus, the northern region of the country is made up of Dedlaration majority, while the southern population is predominantly Christian.

You might also like. Breach of trust is at its highest anywhere when there are no substantive mechanisms to enable accountability as a yardstick by which transparency can be declagation. It is not seen except in the Niger-Delta and it is all oil politics.

Council noted that such hostilities were rife between the Ogoni and the Andoni and between the Ogoni and the Okrika in the heat of the Ken Saro Wiwa led popular struggle of the Movement of the Survival of the Ogoni people. The Yoruba kingdoms of Ife and Oyo in southwestern Nigeria became prominent in the 12th and 14th centuries, the oldest signs of human settlement at Ifes current declafation date back to the 9th century, and its material culture includes terracotta and bronze figures.

Council observed that joint struggle can give birth to the sweetest victory.

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