students finally voted for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat! .. When asked whether memorising all the English scripts and lyrics is difficult, Joe . Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. There is no “script” for this musical but there is plenty of acting. Since there will be no part to. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Backing Track) For Schools This version of Joseph has a Piano-Vocal Score and Script to match the CD.

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Hope this is of help. Could you use a dreamcowt, you hairy bunch of Ishmaelites? I am a walking work of art Ch: Perusal Material Shipped immediately.

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Script

technicopor So back in Canaan the future looked rough Joseph’s family were finding it tough. And Joseph knew by this his brothers now were honest men The time had come at last to reunite them all again. How do I know where you come from? Go Go Go Joseph.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Movie Script

He knew his sheepskin days were gone. Whatever could it mean? They hide their hopes and their heads in the sand.

Joseph’s coat was elegant, the cut was fine The tasteful style was the ultimate in good design And this is why it caught the amazijg A king would stop and stare. Thanks for your vote! Let us leave him here, all alone, and he’s bound to die. The dreams are more than crystal clear, the writing on the wall Means that Joseph some day soon will rise above us all The accuracy of the dreams we brothers do not know But one thing we are sure about — the dreamer has to go! You make a sorry group, hey, how low can you stoop?

Pharaoh said fetch this Joseph man I need him to help me if he can.

NicolasassjonesJun 7, Give me my colored coat, my amazing colored coat! Thanks to the number of children he had.

He reminded me of her. You need technicooor buy a licence from The Really Useful Company. I was standing doing nothing in a field out of town — I saw seven beautiful ears of corn They were ripe they were golden but you guessed smazing right behind them were seven other ears amazjng tattered and torn Then the bad corn ate the good corn man they came up right behind yes they did And Joseph here’s the punchline it’s really gonna blow your mind — flip your lid Because the bad corn was as bad as it had ever ever been This dream has got me all shook up, treat me nice and tell me what it means Hey hey Joseph won’t you tell me what this crazy dream really means.


Joseph, I’ll see you rot in jail The things you have znd are beyond the pale. I shall now take them all for a ride After all they have tried fratricide. Joseph started searching through his brothers’ sacks Everyone was nervous, no-one could relax Who’s the thief?

I wore my coat I wore my coat with golden lining Ah. Jacob wanted to show the world he loved his son To make it clear that Joseph was the special one So Jacob bought his son a coat A multi-colored coat to wear. Joseph’s mother, she was quite my favorite wife I never really anr another all my life.

Joseph’s mother, she was quite my favorite wife I never really loved another all my life And Joseph was my joy because He reminded me of her. You could be spies Telling me that you are hungry — that could be lies How do I know who you are? Jacob, Jacob and sons. Close every door to me, hide all the world from me Bar all the windows and shut out the light Do what you want with me, hate me and laugh at me Darken my daytime and torture my tschnicolor.

So Jacob came to Egyptno longer feeling old And Joseph went to meet him in his chariot of gold.

There I was standing in front of a vine I picked some grapes and I crushed them for wine I gave it to Pharaoh who drank from my cup I tried to interpret but I had to give up. But if you think it, want it, dream it, Then it’s real. Jacob was the founder of a whole new nation. Now into Joseph’s prison cell were flung two very frightened men. His sons and his wives used to call him Dad Bros Shout: Some folks dream of the wonders they’ll do Before their time on this planet is through Some just don’t have anything planned They hide their hopes and their heads in the sand Now I don’t say who is wrong, who is right But if by chance you are here for the night Then all I need is an hour or two To tell the tale of a dreamer like you.

Father, we’ve something to tell you, a story of our time A tragic but inspiring tale of manhood in its prime You know you had a dozen sons — well now that’s not quite true But feel no sorrow, do not grieve, he would not want you to. Jacob wanted to show the world he loved his son To make it clear that Joseph was the special one So Jacob bought his son a coat. I hear de steel drums sing dere song Dey singing man you know you got it wrong I hear de voice of de yellow bird Singing in de tree dis is quite absurd.


Potiphar was counting shekels in his den below the bedroom When he heard a mighty rumpus clattering above him Suddenly he knew his riches couldn’t buy him what he wanted Gold would never make him happy if she didn’t love him. When he is sold into slavery by his jealous brothers and taken to Egypt, Joseph endures a series of adventures in which his spirit and humanity are continually challenged. Go Go Go Joseph you know what they say Hang on now Joseph you’ll make it one day Don’t give up Joseph fight till you drop We’ve read the book and you come out on top.

Benjamin, you nasty youth, your crime has shocked me to the core Never in my whole career have I encountered this before Guards, seize him! Nav My Cart Newsletter Signup to our newsletter. Benjamin and Judah, which leaves only one.

Joseph and his technicolor dreamcoat script

And he could be you. Your eleven sheaves of corn. Loved him, praised him, gave him all he could, texhnicolor then Chorus: Oh now brothers, how low can you stoop? Depended on farming to earn their keep Jacob, Jacob and sons. Pharaoh, he was a powerful man With the amazzing world in the palm of his sccript To all intents and purposes he Was Egypt with a capital E Whatever he did he was showered with praise If he cracked a joke then you chortled for days No-one had rights or a vote but the king In fact you might say he was fairly right-wing When Pharaoh’s around, then you get down on the ground If you ever find yourself near Rameses — get down on your knees.

You’re not beaten yet.

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