System requirements. Operating system. hMailServer can be installed in the. Configuration tutorial. Overview. This page describes the basics of configuring . The database engine runs inside of hMailServer which means that hMailServer.

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Memory increased steadily over time. Say documentatiom you’re the owner of the domain something. ID78, It was possible to create accounts exceeding the max domain size by entering incorrectly formatted account sizes. If it takes more than 10 minutes to deliver an email message, hMailServer timeouted before. File permissions of 7z backup could be admin-only or incorrect when backing up messages due to 7za temp folder usage.

When renaming domains, accounts were sometimes incorrectly renamed. If you plan to use the hMailServer password changer plugin or auto-reply plug-in with SquirrelMail, you will need SquirrelMail 1.

When deleting an IMAP folder, notifications about new messages weren’t always sent.

For example, if someone sends from cgi. This issue was introduced in the previous build.

This had the effect that some attachments did not show correctly in some email clients. Rule loop count This option lets you prevent hMailServer from creating endless message delivery loops.

Configuration tutorial

A workaround which may solve this issue has been implemented. The reason is hmialserver this functionality has caused problems for users who have enabled it without knowing what it does. It was removed during the re-design of the spam protection but have been added again. It should now be possible to create emails that includes both a HTML body, a plain text body and attachments.

hMailServer documentation – hMailServer – Free open source email server for Microsoft Windows

If a DNS query fails, the bounce message now says that rather than “No mail servers appear to exists for the recipients address. Message object to retrieve a hMailServer. A user could cause a documentahion instance to crash by sending a large hmailservrr which fills up the hard drive on the server. The Database Delivery Log function has been removed and replaced by a script, found in the User contributed scripts section of the online forum.


Configuring the server The tutorial for configuring the server is found here.

The public folder was not included in the LIST response, making it invisible in some clients. Under host namedocumentatjon the public hostname of the computer where hMailServer is running. To prevent this from resulting in an endless loop, hMailServer limits the number of automatic forwards to the value defined by Rule loop count.

The database engine will be hosted by hMailServer which makes hMailServer easier to install. C60 – MIME-decoding could fail for certain messages. It never goes out to the web. The problem occurred if a rule executed a script function which saved a message, and docujentation rule moved the same message after that. A Delivered-To header can be added to incoming messages.

Having no message size limits will leave your server open to different types of attack. Using Outlook, it was possible to documenhation the hMailServer folder structure by moving a folder into one of its own sub folders.

It is strongly recommended that you use a max message size limit. When dofumentation are running your ASP. This issue will be fixed in the next build. This option lets you prevent hMailServer from creating endless message delivery loops. Since it’s almost always possible to send email through your ISP’s email server, this is a workaround if port 25 is blocked.

Upgrade to OpenSSL 1. If a user is using v4 with the internal database, uninstalls hMailServer and MySQL and then upgrades to version 5, the hMailServer installation program will stop. When a message is deleted during SURBL anti spam protection, this isn’t logged to the application log.


If a domain administrator had access to the API, it was possible for him to create new domains. If you have already installed the hMailServer server on another computer and you want to manage that remotely, you only need to install the Administrative tools. If the delivery to the first A record failed, hMailServer did not try the next. Auto ban did not always work, depending on the connecting IP address.

hMailServer documentation

Just send email, store it somewhere and be able to check mail headers for some debug purposes. In Rules, it is now possible to explicitly define which route should be used for a specific message. The first dialog which is shown is the Welcome dialog, in this one, simply click Next.

Previously, hMailServer could assume that the number of current sessions were higher than they actually were.

If a DNS lookup fails, this was reported as an error before. Because users who type in their email addresses in their email clients know little about RFC’s. A number of small fixes were made to the way attachmens are handled by the Documentxtion interface. If the user is using an old version of the internal MySQL database and tries to upgrade to v5 before first installing the latest v4-build, the hMailServer installation program will stop.

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