Rev. 6 — 3 December Product data sheet. Table 1. Ordering information. Type number Package. Temperature range Name. Description. Version. when gated with the Clock of the HC .. “Typical” parameters which may be provided in SCILLC data sheets and/or specifications can and do vary in. HC datasheet, HC circuit, HC data sheet: TI – DUAL 4-BIT BINARY COUNTERS,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic.

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Hc393 datasheet pdf

One output gives a negative pulse usually used for counter clocks and the other gives a positive pulse. Alternatively, a lot of Datassheet could be assembled into a neon display. This is N1 to N2 counting, not modulo counting, though it is called a modulo counter in the label. Designers are solely responsible for compliance with all legal and regulatoryrequirements in connection with such selection.

If you connect the output Q0 to the input C1, you get a modulo counter in the first case, and a modulo in the second.

HC Datasheet, HC PDF – Free Datasheets, DUAL 4-BIT BINARY COUNTERS

For this reason, it is not usual to look at the intermediate bits of a ripple counter, and they are not satisfactory for datashdet. All these outputs are detected by the 74HC21 and used to clear the counter after the th count.

The pinout and basic circuit for the LS is shown at the left. Any crystal oscillator will probably keep better time than the power line over short intervals. For the rapid change, bc393 kHz would go through 24 hours in Product device recommended for new designs. Incidentally, decoders are static logic, not sequential machines, and can be datasneet with NAND gates and inverters.


This is an absolute marvel, and wonderful to contemplate. Pulses to be counted are applied to the clock input of the first flip-flop, which toggles on every pulse.

Note that the decoding is accomplished by detecting the “edge” between 1 and 0 or 0 and 1 with an AND gate, or with a NAND if an active low output is required. Bad clock edges are the main source of difficulty with counters.

Synchronous counters are not afflicted by the obvious glitches of ripple counters, but they can still suffer from glitch problems of a more subtle nature. Test the counter by putting kHz on the clock, and you should read 1 kHz at Q G.

Such accuracy in a mechanical watch comes at a very great price, if it is available at all. The peak value of VAC is V, so it just misses the required level. The transformer is easy to find. There is an HC that has set-to-9 inputs in addition to the datsheet inputs, but no separate divide-by-2 sections.

N-bit binary counters can be implementedwith each package, providing the capability ofdivide by This is the oscillator I intend to use when I build a clock. Again, this is a standard problem in digital design, but it is seldom worthwhile to make one’s own. Finally, there are synchronous up-down counters like the 74LSLS, whose uses are more specialized.


To make a modulo-8 counter, you must detect “7” instead, so that the counter will return to 0 on the next clock.

Bc393 has been announced but is not in production. When E is brought low, the outputs will change, and so perhaps the inputs to the masters. This shows the general principle of designing a modulo-N counter.

Do not forget the bleeder resistors at the outputs.

Analog watches contain an quartz-crystal controlled oscillator, usually at 32, Hz, which is divided down by 2 15 to a tick that works an electromagnetic ratchet driving the second hand. If both are high, then the counter resets to 0 at once asynchronously. The HC devices contain eight flipflops and additional gating to implement two individual 4bit counters in a single package. If you are using only one chip, tie them both high. Note that only one element has to be lighted, and a single dropping resistor used.

The circuit is shown at the right.

Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may cause permanent damage to the device. TI may expressly designate certain products as datashewt a particular qualification e.

As an example, some clocks are advertised to use WWV signals to correct the clock. These distinctions are often used with counters, and are quite important in making a design. Each of the outputs goes positive during its time interval, remaining low otherwise.

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