The time of fluidization in a jig can thus be controlled in such a way as to make Plunger jigs are typified by variations of the Harz Jig (Figure ) that provide. HARTZ TYPE JIG. • List item here. • List item here. • List item here. • List item here . Over 50 years, Mineral Process. Equipment Pvt. Ltd. has enabled cus-. mineral jig and Harz jig. The operating variables used to determine the effectiveness of jigging include, particle size, velocity of water and amplitude. Recovery of.

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If we calculate them for all the different velocities we get the results in Table IV. A high grade jih product is made which is drawn from the hutch. Here again we see the ratios run from 3 to 3. All jigs use pulsionand most jigs suction but the latter is avoided in some jigs.

The results show that with a closely-sized product, 0. Let us take up a general flowsheet containing the chief machines used in concentrating, placing them in logical order, and briefly discuss the position of each, see Fig. This pressure-box is a species of ticket-office entrance-gate through which the heavy grains are allowed to pass only after they are up mig the standard and have obtained their ticket in the sorting-column above.

It is ideal for use in cyanide, flotation, and gravity-concentration mills; base-metal and nonmetallic mills; tungsten- gold mills; and placer operation; to save minerals as coarse and as soon as possible, thus reducing grinding cost.

The following notes are taken from results obtained on a standard ft. Here the side-discharge is clean concentrates. The first two products carry all the slime and give the densest slime of any classifier known to me. It harx then jigging with mild suction. The pulp from this regrinding must go to another classifier, followed by Wilfley tables, and the final winding up at the fine end can be made by sending the tailings of the finest Wilfley tables of both classifiers to a Callow screen, the oversize of which is clean gangue and the undersize makes a very perfect feed for the smooth-belt vanner; the slime jgi the finest Wilfley tables of both classifiers can be carried to a Callow cone and be finished up on vanners or other suitable machines.

Let us see to jigg conclusion these interesting facts lead us. Here one sees the hindered-settling chamber, H, and below it the constriction, C, for each of the pockets, and again below the hatz and pressure-box furnishing the upward current in a helical form and also the water for the spigot.


mineral jig

This gives a helical rising-current, that is, a current flowing up in the direction of the thread of a screw. The conical form, combined with the arrangement of jets just referred to, gives maximum rising current two-thirds of the height down, and gives a steadily-diminishing velocity of rising current as the water rises in the cone.

In proof of this, the reader is asked to compare the hindered-settling photographs, Figs. When the water is increased by the cock the full effect does not take place until the water has risen in the annular space between the inner and the outer V to its full height, due to the increase. Iron work consists of necessary tie rods, eccentrics, plunger rods, screens, concentrate draw offs, shafting and bearings.

When this is done the bed of heavy mineral below is very hard and immovable.

By David Michaud T Mineral Jig is not just another jig. Further, the upper holes, C, D, are smaller in size, 0. Method of Getting Hindered-Settling: We will therefore consider that next.

The classifier is simple and easily kept in order and loses little mill-head. I am assuming that the slime has been already separated from it.

It will be noted that the valuable mineral is in coarse, medium, or jug grains, and that in order to sever these from the quartz, so that the concentrator can save them, we have to decide how fine the recrushing shall be.

Harz Jig Concentrators

The classified feed gave 3. The tailings are contaminated with fine free mineral. The loss is mostly fine free mineral, and a fine screen will put all this into the undersize, which can go to Wilfley table.

It has, however, one rather serious disadvantage in the fact that it requires greater force in the rising current on the up-stream side, B, of the regulating-disk, C, than on the down-stream side; this necessitates using more water on the down-stream side than is necessary for cleaning the sand, and makes the classifier a large water-user.

The material treated was sized between 9-mm. We see, then, that when galena is in hindered-settling condition at just full teeter the quartz is so separated that the ahrz are far apart. At the same time it delivers a spigot- product free from slime.

Hindered Settling Equipment & Classifier Review

This is the characteristic result of separating hars by a free-settling classifier. This makes it har perfectly balanced valve and prevents the valve from pressing too hard on the valve-seat. Where valuable mineral severs easily from the gangue, if it is brought down to twice the size of the grains of the valuable mineral, then they may be nearly all severed. Bodies falling through water in a tube do not attain as high a velocity as in falling through the same medium in large vessels.


The distinctive upper hars screen prevents foreign tramp matter from interfering with normal jig operation, and the lower wedge-bar screen minimizes the blinding so common in other jigs. Soon thereafter it was likely learned that if a wicker basket containing jigg to be sized and washed was jogged up and down in water, the heavy particles soon congregated at the bottom and the light particles at the top. This clearly explains the remarkably high capacity of the pulsator-jig. If it has too much included grains it will need to be recrushed.

Here the largest grain of quartz is much larger than the largest grain of galena, and this portion is the truly-classified product; but in addition to this the quartz ranges down to the finest dust, and the galena also making this product has an added increment of extra-fine grains over and above the truly-classified grains, making it differ from the truly-classified products of all the intermediate spigots.

The Anaconda method of allowing them to go out in a settling-pond, where the bulk of them settle in sufficient time to the bottom of the pond, is one method of handling this product, but owing to the low percentage of values and the large quantity of gangue, it cannot be said to be a satisfactory solution of the problem. The mechanism which have been postulated in classical theories include: They are built of several compartment in a series.

The initial period of the fall in water, during which the motion depends chiefly on density, is thus continually reproduced, and the result is a perfect separation of heavy from light particles of ore when working on any materials except the finest pulp.

During this period, with sized grains of different specific gravities, with har pulsion-velocity, the separation between them will be complete. No pumps or elevators are needed in the ball-classifier circuit, as the jig acts as a launder. Between these two forces lies the diagonal of the parallelogram which is the resultant of the two forces.

If the meshes of the sieve yarz one-quarter the area, then the velocity when passing the sieve is four times that in the space above. With hafz uncertainty, it is impossible to get good adjustments. To the left of this figure will be seen a diagram representing a tall glass tube of water in which grains of sand can be allowed. The plunger-jigs had 12, sq.

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