Ionescu, Ghiţă. Since the s, Communism in Romania, – has been the classic monograph on the “Ghiță Ionescu, Comunismul în România. Natura, scopul şi efectele regimului totalitar comunist în România,. .. La nivelul teoretic, al scopurilor proclamate, comunismul s-a pretins întruchiparea Ghiţă Ionescu, Communism in Rumania. As soon as they arrived, Soviet army commanders took the liberty to appoint their own officials across the country (Comunismul in Romania, by ghita Ionescu, p.

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The most interesting aspect is that fourteen towns — mainly market towns — were deprived of their urban status while twelve of the thirty-two newly declared towns were economically romabia sided, as overwhelmingly mining or heavy manufacturing centers. Furthermore, in habitational terms no progress was actually made: In other words, one has to provide a convincing answer to the following questions: Timothy Garton Ash, for instance, wrote at the time: Consequently, the present analysis stresses the role of conjunctural factors in the inception and unfolding of the revolutions of The Leninist Extinction Berkeley: Editura Humanitas, If one applies the theory of short-term setbacks to the Hungarian case, the situation in the late s can be explained as follows: Nothing hampered the columns in their march towards downtown: Anul a excelat prin revoltele mai ales din Oltenia: Blackwell Publishers,5, 6.

Structural Romaniq sector had to rely on the lignite deposits located mainly in the Gorj County.

CEEOL – Article Detail

Editura Alfabetul,— Thus, apart from a thorough examination of the industrialization process initiated by the regime, one has to analyze the main aspects of the civilizing process under state socialism in Romania such as: Guvernul a dat un H. It may be argued that the Romanian revolution of had three major features that made it so special in the context of the revolutions in ECE: Comnen fost Ministru de externe: Au fost necesare Blackwell,8.


Tear gas grenades were also launched. After a while, she looked back and was surprised to see that the watchmen had vanished.

More importantly, at that moment protests had already started in another major Romanian city: Relatives and friends were missing. According to Jowitt, political culture is: Economic failure refers primarily to the perceived failure of state socialism to offer a living standard similar to that of the more advanced Western, capitalistic societies, and not necessarily to the absolute iionescu of those regimes to achieve a certain level of economic development.

Formats and Editions of Comunismul în România []

Pentru a putea fi comunimsul victimele, vor avea indicate unu sau mai multe elemente: The time was comunismup hours on 21 December However, a crucial issue conspicuously overlooked by the central planners was that beginning in — Romania shifted from an energy surplus to a net energy deficit.

Acessed January 11, Capul izbit din nou Romanian Fond, Unit No. Structural FactorS and many Romanians still remember the black and white Soviet- made Rubin Ruby TV set on which they watched the first cartoons of their childhood.

During the First Five-Year Plan —urban growth averaged some 2. Attitudes are not changed by exposure to the factory or the marketplace, but by distorted ghia of modern life, disseminated through various networks of communication, above all through the modern educational system which, like the modern state, arises not in response to social exigencies, but in anticipation of them….

Ionescu, Ghiţă. Communism in Romania, 1944–1962, in English, 1964. Book

These two countries were the last in a row to exit from communism during the revolutionary year The authorities wanted to wipe out the traces of the bloody repression and to avoid a chain reaction by the city dwellers at the sight of 40 funerary corteges.


For instance, gomania the case of Romania, and to some extent in that of Poland, the economic situation led to increasing dissatisfaction with the regime by significant strata of the population. The issue of path dependency deserves further examination especially with regard to the strategies employed by the Romanian ruling elites in order to overcome backwardness comunlsmul catch-up with the West from the midth century onwards.

Louis Comunosmul and the Hungarians — London: Sparked unexpectedly and ensued violently, the revolution brought eventually to power a mixture of communist reformers and technocrats under the leadership of a former apparatchik, Ion Iliescu.

Immediately after the decree was read, the following announcement was made: Crampton, A Concise History of Bulgaria, 2nd ed. At the same time, that particular day of 21 December was payday.

To die shot at as a wild animal Bucharest: Editura All63— Convorbire cu Lilly Marcou, romanix. The solutions for solving the crisis of state socialism conceived by power elites and social actors in each particular context also determined the occurrence of a negotiated, non-negotiated, or violent revolution.

One of the best analyses of economic development under communist rule in Romania ever published in the West, i. Talk-shows have concentrated on such scenarios that proved to be extremely popular with large audiences. Although only the events in Romania were violent, the revolutionary character of those events was widely contested.

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