Reay Tannahill, food historian and historical novelist: born Glasgow 9 December ; married Michael Edwardes (died ; marriage. When Reay Tannahill began working on the book that became “Food in History,” she was entering virgin territory. No one before her had. Surveys the evolution of man’s diverse gastronomic habits, customs, and traditions against their cultural and historical background.

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At least for me. This book chronicles the history of food for the good majority of human civilization.

This is an impressive, and engrossing work, with plenty of insights regarding the fundamental nature of our food and its subterranean role in far-flung phenomena with apparently little overlap ; the historical aspect aside, there are many interesting glances into the nature of various cuisine, and how they managed to get that way.

Concise history of food dating back to BCE to the s. A panoramic and entertaining survey of the historry of food through 50, years of world history, this is a completley revised, up-to-date edition of the tannxhill deemed fascinating by the New York Times.

The Near East Egypt and Europe. See 1 question about Food in History…. And let me be clear–I basically think all history books are that, even though I like history books. If you’re looking for a quick read to take you to another world, I’d recommend skipping Food in History. It pretty much blew my mind.

When I finish the book, I will update my review but I will leave this part for future readers to understand the context of my relationship to and perspective of this book. Her forename was the maiden name of her mother, Olive Reay. To ask other readers questions about Food in Historyplease sign up. Tannahill not only fokd these changes and, for example, regional differences in diet but also explains them, e.


A lot of interesting insights into how regional food cultures may have been developed through practical survival of early humans in tannahilo areas.

Inshe married Michael Edwardes but the marriage ended in divorce inhe died in Entertaining and fact-packed, although it seems patchy at times. Nov 04, Lorri rated it really liked it Shelves: I found a copy of Food in History in a used bookstore and immediately thought: So I decided I want to read this book specifically to do a more thought-out criticism of it as a colonialist, inherently racist histoyr.

I gave it 5 stars and yet I abandoned it?! She published her first non-fiction book in It would be a shame to throw away a whole side of beef it was only slightly rotten, so humans learned to slather it with hot pepper and thyme and forget about it.

It’s written in a very accessible, style, and I appreciated the author’s dry wit. Dec 03, Justine rated it liked it Shelves: This quite old by uistory, and I suspect a few of the historical theories may have moved on but it is an engaging read, informative and occasionally dryly humourous.

Sadly, Tannahill’s book has been in print for three decades without this brutal absurdity being corrected.

If you’re interested in the development of food, farming, meals, cuisine, etc, from really the dawn of time through the s, I’d pick this up, even if you only wanted to read a particular section on Food in Sumer or Fillet of Pegasus.

May 08, haley rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I breezed through the intro sections about early human taannahill, as my edition was last edited inand that was nearly 30 tannahll ago.

Food in History, by Reay Tannahill

There is a clear focus on Europe and the West, Africa is briefly mentioned. Topics about food — particularly the familiy meal — that I had never considered having had a origin someplace. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I now desperately want to create roman fish sauce and have tananhill on further research on the consumption of fetal rabbits during lent. Whey, cabbage, onions, and barley.


Return to Book Page. Holy masculine generic, Batman!

Food in History

Shall report back in due time. The book also demonstrates the wide-ranging impact of food-related issues on civilization.

Sebuah buku sejarah yang ditulis dengan menarik, ringan, dan mengandung subjek yang menarik pula: There were a few points that disagreed with other histories, most notably the idea that man once used spice to disguise rancid meat. Reay Tannahill was born on December 9, in Glasgow, Scotland, where she brought up. Reynolds wrote that article in Aug 12, Nicole Means rated it really liked it. Well worth reading this wide ranging book considers food uistory from the ancient past – paleolithic but not ridiculous dietary theory!

Thus, far, I’ve gotten to easily annoyed at some of the sweeping generalizzations and assumptions the author has made about what was chosen as the first methods of food, and the apparent lack of scholarship in how she decided.

Food in History by Reay Tannahill | : Books

After reading this book I’m amazed mankind survived those early ears. Dec 24, Tina Ye rated it really liked it Recommends it for: The history of food though, particularly as she progressed towards modern times though got progressively more interesting, perhaps solely because I could relate to it more.

One vivid part I recall from the cavemen section was that the human need for protein was so strong, that occasionally an errant neanderthal would kill an animal and crack open, say, an arm bone, and start chowin’ down on the liquidly disgusting but surprisingly nutritious bone-marrow.

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