Related Keywords that may have brought you to this page; editable BPO form, microsoft BPO form, free BPO Forms, blank bpo forms, fannie mae bpo form, blank. RESIDENTIAL BROKER PRICE OPINION. Loan #. REO #. This BPO is the. Initial 2nd Opinion . Fannie Mae Revised 03/99 Page 1 of 2. REO# Loan #. IV. Jobs 1 – 10 of Fill Fannie Mae Bpo Form Pdf, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller.

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Free Broker Price Opinion Form

Some are assigned by smaller regional banks and some are assigned by larger banks or clients like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. We mentioned briefly that these types of Broker Price Opinions are often ordered on homes that are occupied. Lets consider the fact that BPOs come from forj number of different types of parties. You may have fnm software from download. To learn more about what is a BPO click here. We have spent a lot of time writing a comprehensive eBook that outlines all of this information in detail.

Free Broker Price Opinion Form

If you are just starting or doing a number of BPOs its an easy way to fill out the information and generate the form to be emailed to your client or print or save on your computer. Remember that a lot of the information about the subject is actually generalized information about the market and the neighborhood.

If your subject property has a basement but the comparable does not, clearly the comparable is inferior. Start your search with exact matching criteria and then loosen your search requirements if you are unable to find results.

You may have come across other drive by bpo form templates online which are one page simple basic forms.

This book goes through the actual BPO form and explains the different portions and also explains more about what a bpo is and why its ordered.

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Often referred to as an exterior BPO this is a broker price opinion that is completed from the exterior of the home. Create an easily accessible folder on your desktop so that you can easily access all of these files and information when asked for them bbpo the signup process. Our BPO Software offers this fillable form and ironically its from Remember that the reader of your BPO report is fma far away and may have never seen the property.


The BPO Companies want to know what area you are willing to complete a bpo in. You are going to need a copy of your license and your Brokers license if you are not the broker of your office.

Lastly we want to let you know that if you are looking to easily generate and store BPOs you should take a look at our software. You can learn more about interior bpos here. Well now that you are organized and know how to register with BPO Companies, the next logical question is how do I find these companies.

A Vacant land bpo uses the same residential Fannie Mae form most often fhma leaves many of the fields blank. Some of the applications want to know about you. Lastly you may be just starting out and not sure how to do a bpo or what all the specific jargon means. These properties should be as close to the subject property as possible in every form.

There are quite a few fields about each of the comparable properties that you are collecting and entering and this can take time. We have that taken care of. Some clients or banks have their own standardized BPO template forms they use.

Different financial institutions and different banks or asset management companies offer different forms. A complete Broker Price Opinion asks for photos of the exterior of the property as well as the interior of the property.

These standardized forms are more thorough and provide a complete picture of the property and all the conditions that may affect value. Over half of all loans are back by Fannie Mae and other smaller banks or private clients are comfortable and used to the Fannie Mae BPO form guidelines. Remember to follow along step by step.

If they are all together in one folder you will save countless hours completing the applications. You would need to add some money to the sale price or list price of the comparable to make it equivalent to the subject. You need to be sensitive with these BPOs as they are occupied and sometime they present a hostile situation. Be careful with this. Write up a nice short bio about words or less about yourself discussing your market expertise and any experience you have in real estate in general.


The first step is to gather your information for submission. The problem with these offerings is that they are generic solutions. These BPOs are often completed for short sale approvals, REO or bank owned properties as well as private estate valuations or divorce proceedings.

It is common to perform exterior BPOs on occupied properties where the occupant may not be cooperative or aware but an exterior BPO is still a detailed report. You may have also heard of an interior or exterior bpo. Its almost 5 years ago that we created our simple BPO filling software that allows you to easily enter the information and generate a pretty BPO form directly from your computer.

Take a look and give us a shot.

BPO Forms Blog – Broker Price Opinions Simplified

Asking for a BPO Template is not a straightforward request. Save yourself the struggle of re-sizing the images or trying to figure out how to add them to the fillable BPO Form. We know what you are looking for and we are here to help. We have worked with thousands and thousands of agents and real estate professionals over the years and many of them come to us from the beginning with very little knowledge about broker price opinions in general.

The simple answer is yes but as always its not so easy. We kept getting asked for a step by step BPO guide.

For a more detailed breakdown of how to pull comps you can view this post. Its going to take time and you have to start registering with the companies to receive BPOs.

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