ER9x Manual because you asked for it! .. There are 6 edit buttons on the Tx. In this manual they are noted with square brackets ([MENU]). Some functions need . Edit buttons There are 6 edit buttons on the Tx. In this manual they are noted with square brackets ([MENU]). Some functions need the button to be pressed and. HobbyKing have acknowledged their use of er9x on the 9XR. ER9x User guide – WIKI – This is the best place to start. Flashing your transmitter with er9x; What.

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Flash on Beep Flashes the backlight when some hard coded alarms and warnings sound.

Note that receivers from one manufacturer are generally not compatible with modules from another manufacturer, unless specifically designed for compatibility.

Because the firmware continues to evolve, if you are using an older version of Er9x you will find that some features mentioned in this manual are not available to you. Manaul outage Change batteries Internet down in your More information. Although the Tanker version of the firmware has some board-specific templates, they didn’t work for me so I had to figure out how to set up the models manually.

To reset the timer and stop the alarm simply move one of the sticks. Or they can be sent to the trainer port to serve in a buddy box system linked to another transmitter.

manuql I can leave it in a long time before pulling it and charging it with my LiPo balance charger. To bind it, connect the binding plug to the receiver and power up the tank.


This feature is particularly useful for controlling land and manuaal vehicles. In the upgraded 9XR Pro was introduced, and in early it was announced that the 9XR was being discontinued.

– Flashing er9x on a Turnigy 9x transmitter

The calibration method goes like this see pictures: Consequently, the information displayed may vary from what is shown in the picture. Splash Screen When this option is ON, the splash screen is shown when the radio is turned on. Mike developed and implemented the many advanced features we now have available in Er9x, and he continues to improve the firmware constantly, documenting the changes as he goes.

In using them, you agree that you accept all responsibility. For those who want to annoy other people. Rudder, Elevator, Throttle and Aileron. I’ll wait here till you’re ready. It has bugs, funky navigation and the most annoying beeping I have ever heard. When setting the time value in a Timer, you can use the same procedure and it will change in steps of 1 minute instead of 1 second. Torrent d en Puig, Vertical stick movement normally moves between items and sideways movement edits them.

The big thing about this transmitter is the price. You will also find that the structure of menus has been revised in recent versions. We do hope this work helps people enjoy using this great piece of technology in their RC hobby.

As you’ll see from reading e9x firmware manual, it’s extremely flexible and powerful. For example, the sound you hear when operating the trims. The BG value, shown on the DiagAna screen see page 24should be between about and Installation using an ImmersionRC camera and More information. SofTec Microsystems is always on. Four characters are allowed for the custom names. X-GYRO is a two axis head tracking system, based manuxl G sensor technique, designed for tracking complicated three-dimensional More information.

  AR 37-104-4 PDF

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Wr9x Manual March 31, v1. By aboutmodules were available that could be manua, into the 9x to enable it to use the new RF system. For more information go to:. Interfacing a Servo to the ATmega16 After successfully completing this lab, students will be able to: For the 9XR, replacement stick assemblies are available in the two physical configurations.

It is programmed for the model and the model s receiver is bound to it.

Mode 1 uses the left stick for rudder and elevator and the right for throttle and aileron, while Mode 2 has rudder and throttle on the left stick and aileron and elevator on the right they are sometimes called throttle right and throttle left modes manyal. Another thing that concerned me was battery life. In its stock form, the 9x uses an ATmega64 chip m64 erx the central processing unit. Use this feature ONLY to correct sticks that are electrically reversed.

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