Encyclopædia Acephalica. Georges Bataille, Michel Leiris, Marcel Griaule, Carl Einstein, Robert Desnos and writers associated with the Acéphale and Surrealist . Encyclopaedia Acephalica: Comprising the Critical Dictionary & Related Texts. Front Cover. Georges Bataille, Robert Lebel, Isabelle Waldberg, Alastair Brotchie . Encyclopaedia Acephalica by Georges Bataille, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The absolute has been man’s greatest exploit: Obviously it will never enter anybody’s head to lock the professors up in prison to teach them what space is the day, for example, the walls collapse before the bars of their dungeons. A coarse mind, coarse language, means a dirty wncyclopaedia, dirty language.

Encyclopaedia Acephalica: Comprising the Critical Dictionary & Related Texts (Archive 3)

In he co-edited two of the most political of the Dada journals with Grosz, periodicals that fiercely attacked the spirit of the Weimar republic, which he abandoned for France in All our moral habits and our polite customs, that delightfully coloured cloak that veils the coarseness of our dangerous instincts, all those attractive forms of culture of which we are so proud — since it is thanks to them that we are able to regard ourselves as “civilised” — are ready to acephaliac at the slightest turbulence, to shatter at the least impact like the insubstantial mirror of a fingernail whose polish cracks or becomes scratchedallowing our horrifying savageness to appear in the interstices, revealed in these fissures just as hell might be in the chasms opened by earthquakes, whose revolutions in the cosmic order sunder the fragile skin of the earth’s circumference and momentarily bare the fire at its centre, which melts stone itself in its wicked and violent heat.

And what are we to say of the artistic efforts of http: In this way one obtains a diamond- shaped head, set on a long neck; acephaliica arms, together with the rest of one’s body, covered by the encyclopaeda. Inspire and acwphalica all other unlearning. Furthermore, the coupling, rash though it may be, of these two words, the verb “scrape” on the one hand, and, on the other, the substantive “sky,” immediately evokes an erotic image in which the building, which scrapes, is a phallus even more encyclopaediq than the Tower of Babel, and the sky which is scraped — the object of the desire of the said phallus — is the incestuously desired mother, as she is in all attempts envyclopaedia the spoilation of the paternal virility.


The role of the venerable demonstrates the unity of the entire hamlet during the ceremony. The door has been the thoroughly watertight lock- gate that has dammed up the threshold. Corns on the feet differ from headaches and toothaches by their baseness, and they are invisible because of an ignominy explicable by the mud in which the feet are found. Upon emerging as if from the maternal womb from the encyclopaesia chambers in which every last details, including their rank and musty odour, had been provided for by those vain ghosts, we seem to have spent the greater part of our time in obliterating all traces, even the smallest, of that shameful ancestry.


He took part, inin an important mission to the Ivory Encycllopaedia which led, as a result of the report it submitted to parliament, to the suppression of forced labour in the French African colonies. This in effect, is the symbol of a powerful defence: Like money, the neutral absolute is a means of power; each may be changed into anything http: He who knows himself well, keeps well.

Fundamentals of the Duality of Space There is no notion more worthy of Space 2. On the scale of metaphysical values, matter is situated lower than mind, solely because it is dirtier.

One day or another, it is true, dust, supposing it persists, will probably begin to gain the upper hand over domestics, invading the immense ruins of abandoned buildings, deserted dockyards; and, at that http: Comprised of the Critical Dictionary and related texts edited by Georges Bataille, from has magazine Documents; and the Encyclopaedia Da Costa, edited by Robert Lebel and Isabelle Waldberg with Marcel Duchamp, Atlas Press’s Encyclopedia Acephalica charts the territory around Bataille and others through first-hand documents produced by the Acephale group and writers associated with the Surrealists.

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Just about everywhere, the kiss, this exchange of saliva, is a guarantee of peace to seal with a kiss.

Encyclopaedia Acephalica: Comprising the Critical Dictionary & Related Texts by Georges Bataille

However, the violent meaning of the mouth is conserved in a latent state: Human blood has been spilled and, following an expression that presents a ferocious image to the mind’s eye, he made an oak sweat. Certain people encountered today can be seen in exactly this way, but we are dealing in those cases with facts common to all times.

The University of Sydney. Just as the Universal Man represents hierarchy and Idealism, the acephalic is eencyclopaedia antithesis, the anti-hierarchical.

Encyclopaedia Acephalica

For this reason it seems the sculptor Giacometti was entirely correct when he remarked one day that the only possible Theatre piece would be this: In he founded the journal Critique, which published the early work of some of his contemporaries in French intellectual life, including Acehpalica Barthes and Jacques Derrida.

It would appear that philosophy is the degeneration of the mythological state: It is of no importance whether or not this be taken for a circumlocution: Most materialists have simply substituted the conformity of dead matter to the idea of science for the http: More precisely, they are caught by the throat, and without artifice: Leaving aside children who set fire to haystacks, derail trains or dream up great massacres of animals, I know scarcely any but sinister pedants who, chewing on their pen holders, sweat blood and fncyclopaedia so as to write out to the bitter end their calamitous pensums They had one daughter, Laurence, born inwho became a highly-regarded psychoanalyst.

Books by Georges Bataille. We would do well to restrict the sense of this negation, which expresses in particular two non-relations:

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