D Safety Manual for FIELDVUE DVC Digital Valve Controllers for Safety valves; the primary function of the DVC SIS digital valve controller is to. DVC Series digital valve controllers can be used on single- or is a need. Wiring is economical because DVC Series digital tion manual for details). View and Download Emerson Fisher FIELDVUE DVC instruction manual online. Digital Valve Controllers. Fisher FIELDVUE DVC Controller pdf.

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If you select NO for the Setup Parameter Default Setting factory defaults, the setup parameters listed in the Analog Input Units table remain at their previous settings. If Out of Service, place In Service.

Connect the second wire of vvc6000 3-conductor Specifications Available Configurations Maximum: Page 49 Installation 4. ValveLink software and the Field 7. Firmware 9, 10, and Page 65 Detailed Setup Table Detailed Setup Deadband exceeded, Deadband exceeded, and direction new Reference Point changed, new Reference Point established established This amount of change is Point at which added to the Travel Deadband Reference cycle is counted. Provides basic setup and calibration. Using a linear potentiometer rated at and terminal 3 of the base unit.


Detailed Setup To manually set the partial stroke pressure limit, Table Page 37 Installation 8. Remove the front cover key Control mode not Analog. Install a pipe plug in the vent-away into the surrounding atmosphere. Be sure the resistance reading remains procedure.


Neither Emerson, Emerson Process Management, mankal any of their affiliated entities assumes responsibility for the selection, use or maintenance.

While observing the resistance, tighten the screw 3. All other marks are the property of their respective. Travel Sensor Motion Tuning set A value of 0.

Install three socket head screws key 38 in the module base into the housing. Some of the procedures also cvc6000 the sequence of To avoid personal injury or property damage caused by fire or explosion, 2. Analog input reading at 1a. See Depends upon pneumatic connections. If instrument does not match in the Digital or Test mode, the instrument receives its set actual current provided.


If required, attach the spacer to the actuator shaft. Capacitance Conductor to Conductor 1 KHz: Front Cover Detailed Setup. Factory default is No.

Emerson Fisher FIELDVUE DVC6000 Instruction Manual

Connect the second wire of the 3-conductor shielded cable between the middle lead wiper of the 10 kOhm potentiometer to Terminal 2 on the base unit. For additional information, refer to Relay Adjustment in this section. The contents of this publication are presented for informational purposes only, and while every effort mabual been made to ensure their accuracy, they are not.

DVC Digital Valve Controllers Troubleshooting If communication or output difficulties are experienced Note with the instrument, refer to the troubleshooting chart in table Install the external lock washer on the adjustment installations use the long feedback arm [62 mm 2.

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