We are reading Donna Haraway’s Situated Knowledges and Cyborg Manifesto for our department’s “Classics” reading group. An odd institution. Haraway, Donna (), “Situated Knowledges: The Science Question in Feminism and the Privilege of Partial Perspective”. In: Feminist Studies, Vol. 14, No. 3. In her essay ‘Situated Knowledges’, Donna Haraway both raises and responds to the challenge of a feminist politics of location in a way.

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Haraway explains that her “Manifesto” is “an effort to build an ironic political myth faithful to feminism, socialism, and materialism.

Given its assumptions, there is nothing here to criticize.

Donna Haraway – Wikipedia

Instead her way of questioning might be: Leave a Situtaed Cancel reply Enter your comment here In computational social science, we have to look out for statistical biases because we aim for our social scientific results to be objective.

January 25, at In Primate Visionsshe wrote:.

A review of Haraway’s Primate Visionspublished in the International Journal of Primatologyprovides examples of some of the most common critiques of her view of science: Bernal Award, for her “distinguished contributions” to the field.

Haraway’s cyborg is knowledgrs set of ideals of a genderless, race-less, more collective and peaceful civilization with the caveat of being utterly connected to the machine. Haraway also writes about the history of science and biology.


aituated This has nothing to do with mathematics but with interpretation and human social sciences. Some people may have quirky ideas, some people may be flat out wrong.

In a publication, she remarked:.

Primate Visions is one of the most important books to come along in the last twenty years. I believe this is because of its subject matter, not because of its quality. It has since become more accepted by the leadership of UC Berkeley that reason is a value worth upholdingand that it is through reason that we can best resist prejudice.

These biases are deviation from rationality in psychological thought. Notify me of new posts via email.

Comments on Haraway: Situated knowledge, bias, and code | Digifesto

Biased means one-sided, lacking a neutral viewpoint, not having an open mind. So instead I am going along with what we learned in Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity training, which is to try to understand better my own biases so that I can do my best to correct them.

Haraway’s “Manifesto” is a thought experiment, defining what people think is most important about being and what the future holds for increased artificial intelligence. This work incorporates some of the feminist critiques of his earlier work on the formation of the bourgeois public sphere.

This is a book full of vaporous, French-intellectual prose that makes Teilhard de Chardin sound like Ernest Hemingway by comparison; but that is not a criticism, because the author likes that sort of prose and has taken lessons in how to write it, and she thinks that plain, homely speech is part of a conspiracy to oppress the poor.


Archived from the original on She asserted that there is a tendency haraay masculinize the stories about “reproductive competition and sex between aggressive males and receptive females [that] facilitate some and preclude other types of conclusions”.

Writing this now, I see that this was an unhinged knowledgges only somebody woefully immersed in academic nonsense would hold. Neologisms are continually coined, and sentences are paragraph-long and convoluted. knowlrdges

And this would stifle further progress of inclusion. Her works have sparked debate in primatologyphilosophyand developmental biology. Donna Haraway and her dog My further thoughts on that piece are here. This is in Another review of the same book, appearing in a issue of the American Journal of Primatologyoffers a similar criticism of Haraway’s literary style and scholarly methods: October 26, at 3: Gender, Race, and Nature in the world of Modern Science “.

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