Custodians has ratings and 45 reviews. Owlseyes said: Dolores Cannon’s work in hypnosis has taken the study beyond abduction. This accumulation of. Cannon. Dolores -. The Custodians / by Dolores Cannon. Investigations through hypnotherapy of suspected alien abduction cases. Twelve years of UFO/ . UFO Sightings and abductions by aliens were the beginning, the tip of the iceberg. Dolores Cannon’s work in hypnosis has taken the study beyond abduction.

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Paperbackpages. She is unfailingly optimistic, incisive and calming about the extra-terrestrial agenda and its relation to the future of humanity.

Description Dolores Cannon’s work in hypnosis has taken the study beyond abduction. The ET custodisns from which the soul has come monitors their progress on Earth and lends assistance when needed. Apr 21, Michelle Rathore rated it it was amazing.

You are introduced to the miriad of different life forms, different dimensions, and love and concern for our species by our space brethren. Steven Greer, a respected and highly informed author and UFO investigator, The Disclosure Projecthas stated that the US military has had an ongoing campaign using Grey-like creatures, known as EBE’s which stand for Extra-Terrestrial Biological Entity to abduct and terrify a number of people since the ‘s.

Working through several different subjects, Dolores was able to establish communication with the living Michel De Notredame, better known as the prophet Nostradamus.

Dolores Cannon – The – PDF Drive

This series contains the translation of almost prophecies, all interpreted for the first time and have been in print since She has written several books on the UFO information volunteers have revealed while under hypnosis. That said, even if Dolores Cannon was a fraud, she had a beautiful personality and a rich imagination. Exploring areas untouched by other investigators, she makes the unbelievable become acceptable and understandable.


For all your food cannonn.

The concepts she explores are pretty complex doloes even she will admit that she has times where she has a hard time in understanding them herself but after much research and soul-answering questions and hynosis we finally get a picture of what abductions in the fourth kind really entail. Sep 01, Robert rated it really liked it Shelves: The Custodians Mini Bo She affirms her distinct approach: All of this attention accounts for the record number of UFO sightings that have been reported, while many, many other people continue to step forward to reveal that they have been abducted by various ET’s.

Custosians were told their presence was desperately needed to assist the Earth to make a critical transformation to a higher form of consciousness. It’s highly repetitive and frankly, a little boring. But I can say that the author begins by exploring cases of “missing time”, which is one of the first signs that something untoward has happened, and that the persons concerned may have been abducted. The results were, to say the least, quite spectacular! Please enclose a selfaddressed stamped envelope for her reply.

It makes the unbelievable become acceptable and understandable. He seemed to eventually reconcile himself to these facts, but he never did achieve a full understanding of why it was happening to HIM.

Jan 27, Panda rated it it was amazing.

Custodians: Beyond Abduction

My first book on the dllores, The Custodians proved to be a compelling authority on the subject of alien abduction. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. May 17, Ashwini Nocaste rated it did not like it. It sparked her interest, but had to be put aside as the demands of family life took precedence.


Dolores has written 17 books about her research in hypnosis and UFO cases. Most of the book is written as a transcript of the hypnosis sessions.

Dolores Cannon – The Custodians.pdf

Dolores Cannon’s work in hypnosis has taken the study beyond abduction. Dolores Cannon has four children and twelve grandchildren who demand that she be tue balanced between the “real” world of her family and the “unseen” world of her work. UFO Sightings and abductions by aliens were the beginning, the tip of the iceberg.

Only inshe was introduced by Mildred Higgins and Lucius Farish into the UFO phenomena, and especially, in her debut using hypnotic regression in cases of abduction. Her books are translated into over 20 languages. Oct 25, Misti rated it it dolroes amazing.

Well, I wanted to have my ‘mind-expanded’ like how some books tend to do. Dolores Cannon has the answers to that kind of question too found in Part 2.

Want to Read saving…. If you wish to correspond with Dolores about her work, you may write to her at the following address. At that time the “past fife” subject was unorthodox and very few people were experimenting in the field.

The Best Books of Book ratings by Goodreads. In she had her first exposure to reincarnation via regressive hypnosis when her husband, an amateur hypnotist, stumbled across custodianx past life of a woman he was working with who had a weight problem.

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