CCXML – or Call Control XML – is the W3C standard markup language for controlling CCXML Reference and Tutorial; VoiceGenie’s CCXML Tag Reference. CCXML – or Call Control XML – is the W3C standard markup language for controlling Aspect also provides a complete CCXML reference guide and tutorials. For additional support telephone numbers, see the Avaya Web site: http://support. 2 Avaya CCXML User Guide. August

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Note fcxml even if content is successfully fetched, errors in processing fetched content for instance, a CCXML document with a syntax error may result in an error. This information MAY be available when the connection. A session does cxcml end when a connection terminates. These scenarios are described below. This document has been reviewed by W3C Members, cczml software developers, and by other W3C groups and interested parties, and is endorsed by the Director as a W3C Recommendation.

Indicates the new value of the variable. Each instance is uniquely identified by its connection identifier. Here is an example of the logic to support the VoiceXML 2. These events are application specific. Note that this does not mean that the target processed the message successfully. If available in the interpreter, this property must be an object whose properties are the names of the attributes of the element in error.

Call Control eXtensible Markup Language – Wikipedia

The authors of this document are participants in the Voice Browser Working Group. For connections in the ALERTING state media MAY not be sent or received by the connection making the bridge effectively full-duplex, half-duplex or silent depending on the underlying telephony environment and the restrictions imposed by it.

This property must be set to the ECMAScript string value of the name of the element that produced the error ie acceptrejectetc. The following values can be used: The choice of an implementation strategy is up to the CCXML implementer and CCXML language is aimed to allow a range of design choices in order to accommodate implementations on a wide variety of platforms.


Asynchronous events are used to notify the CCXML application upon the completion of bridging operations performed by that application. There are three kinds of these events: Connection events and their properties are specified in sections The entrance criteria for the Proposed Recommendation phase requires a minimum of two independently developed interoperable implementations for each required feature, two or more implementations of optional features that would impact interoperability, and a minimum of one implementation for each optional feature that has no impact on interoperability.

Return values from the ccxml session.

Please see Section 9. The debugger shows your titorial activity in real-time, allowing you to monitor its progress and debug any errors it might throw.

Introduction to CCXML, Part II

In our “hello world” example Example1. In many cases this may be perfectly acceptable and the CCXML application may be able to successfully recover from the error.

Note also that a network-triggered connection. If no value is specified, the dialog environment must make no assumptions as to the bridging type. It is possible for Dialogs to exist that are not joined to a Connection or a Turorial.

In the context of CCXML, it was felt that the Address, Call, and Provider objects would add more complexity than value, so these were omitted as explicitly visible objects. The element includes a URI reference to the initial document for the dialog. When a caller hangs up on one of the connections the VoiceXML dialog is not tutoriwl disconnected. The implementation MUST allow reference to variables by their fully qualified names.


Voice Browser Call Control: CCXML Version

This can happen for any number of common reasons — redirect target status busy, no answer, etcinvalid destination number, insufficient resources, and others.

Note that the relative ordering of events from the event source being moved is not changed even as a result of such a failure. These diagrams do tutoril show all possible scenarios but rather show some of the most common ones that CCXML applications may encounter.

A connection is typically shorter than a session. Parameter names may not be repeated within a request. When each one of them joins the conference he is told how many people are there in the conference and those already in the conference are informed about a new entrant to the conference. If the conference mixer is unable to reserve this many tutoriak slots, the createconference must fail with a error.

What is your job function? Special attention has been paid to constraining ECMAScript features that require proportionately large amounts of system memory, and continuous or proportionately large amounts of processing power. This flexible event-handling mechanism is essential for many telephony applications.

These events may be further categorized as follows:. For “hotword” recognition on a two-party call, a two-way full duplex bridge must be established between two network Connections, and a one-way half duplex bridge must be established from one of the network Connections to a Dialog used to perform the recognition. The ECMAScript object returned contains information which may be used by the implementing platform or passed to the network when the two specified Connections, Dialogs or Conferences id1 and id2 are unjoined.

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