what Psalms and readings tend to be used in a Tenebrae service? I would like to put one together for our little community for Holy Week next. Tenebrae Candlesticks Tenebrae candlestick “Tenebrae” is the name given to the service of Matins and Lauds belonging to the last three days of Holy Week. ‘Tenebrae’ sounds weird, but even though it is somber, it might end up being your favorite church service.

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Psalm 50 Psalm 50 – Miserere.

At the end of each psalm or canticle, one of these fifteen candles is extinguished, but the one which is placed at the top of the triangle is left lighted. First Reading Mtt Psalm 23 Psalm He, the Light of the world, powerful in word and work, Who but a few days ago was proclaimed King by the citizens of Jerusalem, is now robbed of all his honors. Psalm 58 Psalm Canticle of Moses Exodus Notitiae 24 pp.

Some Tenebrae responsory settings led their own life in Protestant practice, for instance:. Tenebrae PowerPoint Images to accompany the service of Tenebrae using the introduction and seven readings described on this webpage. The strepitus Latin for “great noise”made by slamming a book shut, banging a hymnal or breviary tenebtae the pew, or stomping on the floor, symbolizes the earthquake that followed Christ’s death, although it may have originated as a simple signal to depart.

What is a Tenebrae Service?

Better to be his friend, his disciple, his witness. A standing cross is put on the altar with a black veil over it and 12 to 14 candles are placed behind it. It involves extinguishing candles one by one as Christ goes through his passion. Archived servicf the Wayback Machine.


Third Reading Mk Sacramentsritesand liturgies of the Catholic Church. Psalm numbering according to Vulgate.

Sisters of Carmel: Catholic Devotions: Tenebrae

Psalm 2 Psalm 2. Tenebrae originated as a combined service of matins and lauds on the last three days of Holy Week Maundy ThursdayGood Fridayand Holy Saturday celebrated on the evening of the previous day.

Psalm 69 Psalm Seventh Reading Mtt Psalm 26 Psalm By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The Crucified Christ Brad Ball link. The lamentation of the dead Christ c. It can be dramatic and different and provides a good alternative to Mass for ending the term before Easter.

Problems playing this file? If you use this liturgy of Tenebrae, please do let us know how tenebrar got on, what you adapted, and, if possible, share any rewrites or ideas you used.

It differs, in many things, from the Office of the rest of the year. John of srvice Cross St. Psalm 21 Cathoolic Alternatively, you could begin simply with the priest, or other presider, in place. The service may include other parts, such as solemn hymns, a sermon, and Communion, but the core of the Tenebrae service works like this: Then the candle is placed back; the lights in the church are turned back on; and the final hymns are sung. Often these passages are not psalms but rather portions of the Passion story.

Throughout all the Office of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, she forbids herself the use of those formulas of joy and hope wherewith, on all other days, she begins her praise of God. Augustine upon tenehrae Psalms in the second, and those from the Epistles of St. Cathllic feel free to adapt and rewrite according to your school’s needs.


We listen to the words of condemnation and ridicule. Tenebrae services today, usually held on one day instead of three, follow many of the ancient customs.

The pre Lauds consists of five psalms, a short versicle and response, and the Benedictus Gospel canticlefollowed by Christus factus esta silent Pater Noster, a devotional tebebrae of the penitential Psalm 50 51Miserere suppressed in the revisions of Pope Pius XIIand the appointed collect.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The principal Tenebrae ceremony is the gradual extinguishing of candles upon a stand in the sanctuary called a hearse. PowerPoint to accompany Tenebrae. Psalm 71 Psalm Bach and the German Motet. The pastor and members of the congregation read a number of Scripture passages— either the traditional fourteen or fewer.

What is Tenebrae? What is a Tenebrae service?

Retrieved from ” https: Psalm 74 Psalm Psalm 14 Psalm Outside of religious communities that still use matins and lauds, the service is usually adapted for congregational use. This needs to be given some thought so it is done in a dignified and dramatic way using a snuffer rather than blowing it out perhaps.

This noise and gloom express the convulsions of nature when Jesus expired on the cross: Several of the PNCC clergy, vested with cantorsare seated at the high place and the service is chanted. Our Lady of Sorrows Let us now learn servcie meaning of these ceremonies.

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