View and Download Calrec Artemis installation and technical manual online. Digital Broadcast Production Console. Artemis Music Mixer pdf manual download . Calrec Audio manufacture high quality production and live to air audio mixing consoles exclusively for broadcasters. Calrec offer the most comprehensive range. Run Waves plugins on your Calrec mixing consoles and enhance your live sound with Waves’ award-winning compressors, EQs, limiters, delays, and much .

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Calrec – Artemis Beam

Calrec Audio Ltd reserve the right to change specifications without notice. From left to right the pop-up displays the source you are attempting to patch, the source that is currently patched to the protected output, the label of the protected output and the name of the console that is protecting the output.

As with labels, H2O-entered data is visible to H2O and all consoles, whilst console entered data is only visible to the console it was entered on. Hydra2 supports the Ember and SW-P protocols for integration with third party routers and control systems to enable remote control and data transfer. This device may not cause harmful interference 2. Live Talkback Routing TB control.

Currently the restrictions are the same as for rehearse mode. Page It may help to create a show show file, the settings are restored as they later recall.

Calrec recommends that Artdmis ‘straight-through’ or ‘pin-for-pin’ cables are used. The autofaders can then be assigned to control one or more faders on the surface. The and always open in their last used state.

Other clarec may ask for a location to save the file to. New Show templates list. Don’t show me this message again. Input Source Organisation A port is a physical input to, or output to remotely control which consoles are console they were edited on. When you have finished editing, the file should be saved as a. Other web-browsers, such as Safari and Firefox can be used, however Calrec cannot guarantee how the user interface will be displayed on all available browsers.


Please contact our Customer Support team for guidance on IP address changing if required. Ports that require the same label to be visible from each console should be edited using H2O to avoid having to name them on each console. This publication is for International usage. Manhal well as the standard status indicators, front panel LED’s are also provided to show the status of other cards mqnual the core: Important – Sample Rate Conversion To without decoding.

A popup will appear prompting for the name of the new list, which can be six characters or less. Input Port Protection The left hand check box column is used to protected. A yellow background indicates access that has not yet been confirmed. Consoles and standalone racks are not auto-detected by H2O, they need to be manually added to the database, and will remain in the aclrec whether they are online or not, unless manually removed.

A control cell on the dedicated monitor panel, to the left of the large yellow level control, shows the artemiz on each pre- selector and allows for switching between them without accessing the full monitor panel.

Calrec – Artemis Beam | Audinate

On startup, the Program Updater scans all the hardware it can find and lists it. This is intended to avoid the confusion of having a single fader indicate the janual path and the relevant spill leg at the same time. The Grass Valley Jupiter system counts from 0 but also uses its physical level numbers rather than SW-P values in its config. When importing a CSV file, select the file location arttemis then the data required from the file. The installation should be carried out in accordance with all applicable installation rules and regulations.


The first few shortcuts are in the patching screens on the main application.

Artemis operator manual download ยป Calrec

The upper section of up-stand TFT panels display audio level and phase meters, as setup in the Main Application. The 4U Artemis Light core is fitted with 9 x 40mm low power, low speed and low noise fans, mounted at the top of the rear of the core outputting air. To select multiple ports, hold CTRL whilst clicking each required port, or to select a consecutive group of ports, hold SHIFT whilst clicking on the second to highlight all the ports in between.

Pressing this repopulates the screen with the relevant source settings. Using spreadsheet software to view the file makes the data easier to read than using a text editor. At the top of the TFT is This is a factory defined configuration and referring to the main monitor rather than a should be specified when the console is miscellaneous monitor or meter selector. Slot labels are calgec across artemiss upper fixing rail and each card has a small circular hole in the upper left corner through which the slot label can be seen.

Two of these protocols can directly affect control surface manuzl. Console edited labels are only visible on the console from which they were entered, other consoles and H2O will not display them.

It is possible to add contradictory patches to salvos, in such cases the last conflicting patch will take priority. The Hydra2 Organizer, H2O, is an administrator-level user interface designed to provide control over the network without the use of an audio console.

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