DP Codes Page 2 of 3 7 Read out all the codes in Service/Protocol section Remember the codes only show the symptoms, not the problem DP # Message Given. Cafina C60 Automatic 2 Cup Espresso Cappuccino Machine with Grinders Type C | Business & Industrial, Restaurant & Food Service, Bar & Beverage. Michaelo Espresso is the exclusive US importer of Cafina Super-Automatic espresso machines. With minimal training on the Cafina c60, your staff can deliver.

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This end of the cable must be connected to the Step Motor. Once set, the cafina will automatically adjust the grinders to v60 the ideal espresso shot This calibration is done after the install is completed.

Espresso Machine: Cafina c60-12

Only two plumbing fittings need to be disconnected. The Reference Drink name is followed by an asterisk. All items must be removed by 3: Piston Switch mechanical test: Notice that, although the connectors at each end of the cable are identical, one end has two black xafina wires attached.

Clearing a Stuck Puck Page 1 of 2 A stuck puck may show up as one or more of the following codes: University of Washington Surplus Auction. Maintenance Cafina c60 Service Manual The fastest and easiest way to service the flow meter is to remove the entire Flowmeter assembly through the rear non-operator side of the machine. Install Drain Hose with clamp provided and ensure that it runs continuously downward. See pictures for condition and what is included in this sale.


Americano 16 c60 s Default 1st page of drink menu when machine is on Manager Screen 3 protocol System Grinding 1. Resistance should toggle from infinite to less than 2 5. Items can be removed Saturday January 20 until 3: In no event shall University of Washington Surplus be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Seattle, WA Fax boiler pipes 19 Transfer both clear lines to the new Piston Always Clear o-data immediately after replacing piston! Flush Incoming Water Line. The end of the hose should have an air gap at the floor drain. This will delete all machine programming!

Disconnect the copper tube from the rear of the lower boiler 5. However, you are responsible for the removal of all your purchases from the loading area. Bidders who bid from off site and are not present at the live auction or czfina understand and acknowledge that they may not be able to inspect an item as well as if they examined it in person.

Cafina Coffee Center c60 Manuals

It needs to be cleared and reset when a new piston is installed or when the step driver board is replaced. Turn key to the service position before plugging machine back in. Troubleshooting Cafina c60 Service Manual No flow from spout: This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available. Sec Seconds is normal for 65ml 5. After the O-data is cleared the machine automatically recounts the steps during the first start-up cycle.


Cafina Coffee Center c60 Manuals

Disconnect the flexible input tube from the top of the pump 6. Add to watch list.

Press roller with finger, switch should click on and off. Mesa, Arizona, United States. Turn motor shaft so the hole points to the spout. Do not let beans run out during reference. Unified User Agreement applies.

All lots will be available for pickup at the UW Surplus Warehouse unless otherwise noted. Items can be removed Saturday January 20, until 3: The auctioneer reserves the right caffina reopen the bid in the best interest of the University of Washington. Reference Calibration Page 6 of 6 2 Section 5: This is usually caused by lack of regular cleaning.

It is important to use a fresh bag of the same brand of coffee beans the customer will be using and to redo if the customer changes brands This adjustment is also done after a piston or grinder burr change.

Follow with a drop of WD

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