Bob Boyce HHO Generator. likes · 2 talking about this. Not all hydrogen generators are created equal! The Bob Boyce B3 design is built on over Water is life, and so much more. So, why all of the excitment about common H2O ? Water is a glue that bonds all of life on earth together. Without it, we would not. 1 of a 6 part YouTube video series on Bob Boyce’s new cell design. That’s a lot of HHO in the space most guys are only getting LPM.

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Bob Boyce and the PWM3G

Pit a dab of liquid flux on the just tinned pad also touch some to the end of the capacitor. Then the cell won’t receive an electrical signal and produce HHO until there is engine vacuum.

This work is referenced to being twice efficient as Faraday’s. He also says he has tested 4 of his cells together on big semi-trucks hhp was producing 21 LPM. Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Hhho there any video proof? Written with Bob’s approval and permission. We need to current to flowing around each plate so it can energize the surface of the plate, then cross bpyce water. Be apart of the new future in the Free Energy Revolution. This large number of stainless steel plates, each sized at six-inches square, creates a substantial weight which then is increased by the weight of the case, and the electrolyte water.


That would bypassing the plates surface. All FREE to download too. Alot of Bob’s information is classied info.

BOB BOYCE new small cell 8 LPM

Absolutely FREE to read. I was impressed at the small size of his cell that can produce a stable 8 LPM. Version “G” boards For larger image click on pcb board. The full system cell, PWM, refill canister, etc.

Does this method boycf work? With a sealed unit, I came to the same conclusion They are large, heavy, and require a considerable skill to make.

Overheating will cause them to get a hairline crack in the body of the ceramic. HUGE output, over 6L. High voltage and Frequency Harmonics are used to break the bonds of water into hydrogen and oxygen. We still have “F” version at Hydrogen Garage Store. Bob said Goyce will not work with jerks.

I certainly have not been able to find any in the last boycf years of research. The special circuits use 3 frequencies output through a toroidal coil.

Bob Boyce® B2-B4 Cells

In the videos that follow, Bob talks about the circuit, and the toroidal coil. Hear it from the man who is ahead of his field, from a recent Hydrogen Show.

What in the hell is the purpose of all his talk? Bib wound the wrong direction or overlaping, or not even,it may not work correctly. Lowers voltage as it warms up 4. For systems that turn on with the ignition switch, the vacuum switch could also double as a safety feature. Plate Preparation and Conditioning. The link below is to part 1 of a 6 part YouTube video series on Bob Bov new cell design.


Contact Chuck if your interested. EE’s are puzzled at Bob’s project and say therefore it won’t work. Most of us can build the individual components, but can’t make them work together for anything Bob Boyce is said to be outstanding in this field.

It sounds like he knows the variables involved in using HHO and how to keep them in check in broad application. You have to give him credit. The idea of using the TPS to regulate the volume of gas to the engine isnt going to work.

In order to do so, we need to pay attention to the efficiency factors. Use a damp sponge to keep the tip from oxidizing, wiping it before use.

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