Back to Methuselah () by George Bernard Shaw · Documentation for the TextInfo template. information about this edition. This work, written. Back to Methuselah Preface by George Bernard Shaw An Infidel Half Century. ” Beginning” title page→. Documentation for the TextInfo template. Back to Methuselah has ratings and 21 reviews. David said: The evolution of Humanity played out on stage27 March When I picked this book up a.

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To call this Natural Selection is a blasphemy, possible to many for whom Nature is nothing but a casual aggregation of inert and dead matter, but eternally impossible to the spirits and souls of the righteous. And as Shaw put msthuselah, as we mature we take interest in more profound ideas and concepts and my favorite example was deliberating the realm of mathematics.

As such the archbishop got into the habit of staging his own death and then taking on a new identity. The play’s essential theme and conflict is that we as “shortlived” humans shzw learn to appreciate, in our lifetime, the subtleties and intricacies of what this universe has to offer.

That is too much for the Elderly Gentleman to swallow.

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The leader of the cavillers, with great heat, mefhuselah this as a gross calumny, declaring that Bradlaugh had repeatedly and indignantly contradicted it, and implying that the atheist champion was far too pious a man to commit such a blasphemy. One of them is cynical, not believing longevity will happen, but the other deems the theory valid, yet rejects the prospect out of hand because longer lives will be available to everyone instead of only the elite.

I ca Back to Methuselah! The second thing is the nature of wisdom, and Shaw indicates that the accumulated wisdom of a long-lifer will be greater than the greatest of the wise men known of Earth, and to that metbuselah, Shaw introduces the character of Confucius, who is the leader of the Chinese state.

Views Read Edit View history. A path with stairs of rough-cut stone leads upward from the temple to the hill. Their remains are collected, using sanitary precautions, and burnt at Pygmalion’s laboratory, which is also destroyed. When she merely lifts her veil he shrieks that he is dying, covers his eyes, methusflah begs her to veil herself again. They can converse—with difficulty—and have a long discussion that reveals the advantages of long living. He had the luck to please everybody who had an axe to grind.

So with the patience and industry on which men of science pride themselves, he cut off the grandchildren’s tails too, and waited, full of hope, for the birth of curtailed great-grandchildren. Well worth the read. He readily admits repeatedly feigning death and explains that the laws enforcing mandatory retirement at a certain age and those controlling eligibility for pensions left him with no alternative: In the Middle Ages a compromise had been made by which two different orders of truth, religious and scientific, had been recognized, in order that a schoolman might say that two and two make four without being burnt for heresy.


Back to Methuselah

Both are speaking English, but their cultural backgrounds are so different that communication is not easy. They had turned from the inscrutable question of Why things existed, to the spade work of discovering What was really occurring in the world and How it really occurred. As a result, the people who did not feel in the least inconvenienced by being no longer governed by Nobodaddy soon found themselves very acutely inconvenienced by being governed by fools and commercial adventurers.

One man cannot, after trying for years, finger the flute fluently.

Bernqrd a man tells you that you are a product of Circumstantial Selection solely, you cannot finally disprove it. What do we as humans ultimately strive for methueelah we become wiser? It is true that this blind will, being in effect a will to live, gives away methuswlah whole case; but still, as compared to the open-eyed intelligent wanting and trying of Lamarck, the Darwinian process may be described as a chapter of accidents.

In Schopenhauer published his treatise on The World as Will, which is the metaphysical benard to Lamarck’s natural history, as it demonstrates that the driving force behind Evolution is a will-to-live, and to live, as Christ said long before, more abundantly.

In the case of man, the operation has overshot its mark: When his record showed him old enough to be retired, bback could no longer keep his job but he was always denied a pension because he looked too young. Uncontrolled qualities may be selected for survival and development for certain periods and under certain circumstances.

Take that bac, habit of decaying and eliminating himself by death–equally an acquired habit, remember–how he abhors it! How did he come by his long neck?

THREE BLIND MICE The stultification and damnation which ensued are illustrated by a comparison of the ease and certainty with which Butler’s mind moved to humane and inspiring conclusions with the grotesque stupidities and cruelties of the idle and silly controversy which arose among the Darwinians as to whether acquired habits can be transmitted methuselahh parents to offspring.

He knew that gardeners methuselab spent their lives trying to breed black tulips and green carnations and unheard-of orchids, and had actually produced flowers just as strange to Eve.

There are a lot of flaws in that belief, particularly since it views the European race as the only race worth mentioning and did not take into account the wars of conquest against our darker skinned brethren. After the European wide devastation of the Napoleonic Wars it was believed that we had grown out of our barbarous past where we would constantly war with each other and had come to a point where all of Europe could live at peace. It appears that despite the desire to evolve, there is also a desire to maintain that which makes us truly us: Would he not conclude that the signal-men were devils?


Allopathy has produced the poisonous illusion that it enlightens instead of darkening. The Oracle tells him that he will die of discouragement if he stays behind. However, unfortunately, we as humans need government because we as humans do not know how to make wise decisions for ourselves, but the catch is that we end up electing people who can’t make wise decisions shhaw make those decisions for us.

A timid minority, without quite venturing to question the truth of the incident–for they naturally did not care to run the risk of going home on shutters themselves–nevertheless shewed a certain disposition to cavil at those who exulted in it; and something approaching to an argument began.

A religion may make him hunger and thirst for righteousness; but will it endow him with the practical capacity to satisfy that appetite? In this scene we have people representing the clergy, the politicians, the scientists, and the business people. I grant you a maker of God.

Back to Methuselah by George Bernard Shaw

What is the statistical distribution of mutations? It was a mere piece of one-eyedness; and it was Darwin who put out Weismann’s humane and sensible eye. Some who can read both, like to learn the history of their ideas. I do not remember how this animal imposed himself illustratively benrard the Evolution controversy; but there was no getting away from him then; and I am old-fashioned enough to be unable to get away from him now.

She, however, will live until she has a fatal accident, which, by the laws of chance, is inevitable for everyone. This, I would argue, is a case of weakness of faith because change is not only good, but necessary, and those who are strong in their faith can change things without destroying the faith. It is a book from a hundred years ago methjselah a mind and philosophy a thousand years ahead.

But Lamarck did not believe that the necks were so designed in the beginning:

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