The bitter struggle that rolled back and forth across the North African desert was the first major Allied victory of the Second World War. ODAL!Music: ODAL!Video: channel/rfyxEnAH7Uy. North Africa campaigns, (–43), in World War II, series of battles for but significant events that bound the Axis Powers and culminated in a world war.

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This was followed by an Italian counter-offensive into Egypt and the capture of Sidi Barrani in September and again in December following a British Commonwealth counteroffensive, Operation Compass. William Gott, to secure the pass and Fort Capuzzo beyond. Churchill heard the news during a meeting with President Franklin D. The fall of Tobruk, however, had unforeseen consequences for the Axis.

North Africa campaigns

The loss of food supplies was an important factor in the spread of sickness among the agrica Rommel himself fell ill, and in September he was sent back to Europe to recover.

Thus, the North African campaign and the noth campaign for the Mediterranean were extensions of each other in a very real sense. On August 7, the day after his appointment, Gott was killed when his airplane was attacked by a German fighter during a flight to Cairo.

On paper the two sides had the appearance of being evenly matched: As the Allies consolidated their control over the northwest African coast, the Axis pressure on Malta eased, which in turn enabled the Allies to further restrict the Axis supply convoys from Sicily. Neil Methuen Ritchie on November Many of the Allied soldiers were tied up in garrison duties because of the uncertain status and intentions of the Vichy forces.

North African Campaign

Wikimedia 11940-43 has media related to North African campaign. Tobruk fell on June 21, and the Axis forces captured 2. In addition, the British had 1, more tanks in reserve. Known to the Germans as “die gute Quelle” the good source or more jokingly as ‘the little fellow’, he transmitted his reports back to Washington using the ” Black Code ” of the US State Department. By Januarythe front line was again at El Agheila.


At the end of June, the Axis forces made a second attempt to break through the Allied defences at El Alamein at Alam Halfabut were unsuccessful. The Allies soon launched a small-scale counter-attack called Operation Brevity.

The British troops began referring to the heavily fortified and forcws defended Halfaya Pass as Hellfire Pass.

World War II, conflict that involved virtually every part of the world during the years — He was promoted to the temporary rank of lieutenant general in March and led the U. In reaction, the Egyptians granted Britain permission to station relatively large forces in their territory. He now was ready to return to the offensive. The turnabout doomed any chance that Rommel may have had of making an effective stand, as a resumption of the defense of el-Alamein was an exercise in futility.

The British undertook that offensive with more than twice as many tanks as their opponent. Two days later, no invasion having been launched, Mussolini ordered Marshal Graziani that, the moment German forces launched Operation Sea Lionhe was to attack. Operation Battleaxe began with a frontal attack afrixa the Sollum-Halfaya Pass axis.

The British response was piecemeal, but Rommel could not complete a drive to the sea that would have enveloped the British on the Gazala line. His orders were to reinforce the Italians and block Allied attempts to drive them out of the region.

The attack had failed by March By March 26, his forces broke through the Tebaga Gap. Total Axis losses came to , which included the loss of three field armies. At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context.



If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login. They were outflanked, outmanned and outgunned. The former commander in chief in India, Gen. Heavy losses of German paratroopers in Crete, made possible by Ultra warnings of the drop times and locations, meant that Hitler hesitated in attacking Malta, [69] which aided the British in gaining control of the Mediterranean, as did the losses of the Italian Navy at the Battle of Cape Matapan.

Rommel skillfully parried the thrust, and the British withdrew from Fort Capuzzo the next day.

World War II: North Africa Campaign | HistoryNet

Arnim assumed overall Axis command, and Messe took command in south Tunisia. Axis and Axis-aligned leaders. World War II Magazine.

Meanwhile, a British supply convoy, code-named Tiger, made its way to North Africa carrying tanks and 43 Hawker Hurricane fighters. Despite constant urging from his German and Italian superiors, who wanted him to save Libya, Rommel was more interested in preserving his force to fight another day. The battle for North Africa was a struggle for control of the Suez Canal and access to oil from the Middle East and raw materials from Asia. In —42 the German Afrika Korps in Libya was supplied across the Mediterranean through the small port….

From this report, Churchill wrongly concluded that the Germans were ready to collapse with one strong push, and he started pressuring Wavell to mount an immediate counteroffensive.

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