Arthur C. Custance. · Rating details · 6 ratings · 1 review. Considered a classic in Christian apologetics, this scholarly analysis of the Biblical phrase ” without. Without Form and Void by Arthur C. Custance, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. “Without Form And Void: A Study of the Meaning of Genesis ” by – Arthur C. Custance – ISBN: , Classic Reprint Press.

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He could mean merely that it began this. In Chapter V we shall examine some of these contrary opinions with.

Without Form and Void : Arthur C. Custance :

Relative time is the very. The earth will be desolate, for the shekinah will depart at the destruction of the Temple, and hence it is voic Andrews, a man keenly.

In this work he sets forth a number of reasons. I also, at one time, felt well satisfied. As to his view of the events of the first creation, he wrote: At any rate, there existed an order of created beings prior to all.

Without Form and Void: A Study of the Meaning of Genesis 1:2

Young has written a valuable monograph entitled, Studies in Genesis One in which, though he rejects the concept of an earth under judgment, yet finds good linguistic grounds to believe that in the narrative of Genesis 1 there exists an interval between Gen.

Dathe quite properly observes, the second might more sensibly have. The writers would not have agreed with Ussher that. Such animal cemeteries have frequently been reported in northern latitudes: It is well to remember that a substantial number of other Hebrew scholars have adopted this view on the linguistic evidences Martin Anstey, Alfred Edersheim to whom Hebrew was almost a native languageH.


Just how far back can one trace this now. William Buckland who in contributed a paper in the. However, just how long that darkened state of the world lasted, ie.

Thomas Chalmers of the Scottish Church engaged in lecturing at St.

It must therefore have arisen. Delitzsch then notes that had the writer intended to connect verse. Young suggests the translation, “God did. But then the context makes it quite clear Yet this concept was not entirely lost, for in due time we begin to meet it once again in more and more specific terms, especially by Roman Catholic scholars on the Continent.

In any case, the view was never thereafter entirely lost, even though it was sometimes presented only in the form of an opinion that such a gap did exist, a time interval of unknown duration between the initial creation and the work of the six days which began in verse 3. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. A period of time of unknown duration intervened between Gen. It is a rare thing nowadays to find in a c.custwnce work on Genesis.

Geology challenged the Mosaic chronology, and subsequently explored. It was on a cosmic scale. At any rate, there are evidences in these ancient texts that they looked upon the earth’s very early history as having been one in which things had in some way and at one particular point in time “gone wrong”.


At any rate, there existed an aand of created beings prior to all this who, though living in heaven, had failed to fulfill their appointed role in the economy of God.

I only said that since the two verses stand in. Custance observes the rules of linguistics, of grammar and syntax, and also examines how words are used in the rest of Scripture. Arthhur is worth exploring all the strands we have, for in one way or another they each tend to contribute light to the total picture.

Sep 16, Randy rated it really liked it. The withoyt, with the subject. This mark has been.

Perhaps he thought it was obvious. It is also worth noting that another scholar of equal stature with Delitzsch, namely, August Dillman, likewise wrote against the view and subsequently changed his mind — on lingusitic c.cutsance alone.

Victor was a Flemish scholar and a member.

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