Her books of poetry include The Cow (), which won the Alberta Prize from playwright, and translator Ariana Reines earned a BA from Barnard College. The Cow by Ariana Reines, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Daisy Lafarge. [Spoiler alert: discusses later scenes of the adaptation of Stephen King’s novel Carrie]. “I’m gonna bash your little head in.

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But all of this in a heap, in a constantly-moving, dissolving, reemerging, aligning and breaking with itself. Then read it again. In partnership with the 92nd Street Y Unterberg These are not all obviously cattle-related but Reynes does more than make the connections work, she’s a materialist, anchors them all in body fluids and tangible humiliations. So far, however, the world is composed of people who exist because a man and a woman copulated and a woman got pregnant and rwines birth.

And I generally like the creepy project of exploring female physicality through the lens of cows and their slaughter!

This is why hospital workers and prison guards go crazy. If poetry is likened to machinery?

This is rendered explicit in ITEM, a poem concerned with bovine culture, behaviour and anatomy. As well as writing, performing and teaching, Reines is also a medievalist and professional astrologer; the mystical intertwining of which go some way towards understanding her sibylline poetics that shift fluidly between multiple styles, epochs and registers:.

But there was a lot of uses of “signification” “meaning” and other phenomenological terms that made the whole book feel like of lit grad school-y. Can a book carry you into the world you have to pretend doesn’t exist most of the time, can a book carry you back out into what first made you alive.


It has many big ideas inside of it. I am saying that I tried to do that, just to see if it was possible. Rebecca is a great person so I did not feel oppressed and I did not insist. It is as repulsive as it is beautiful, in a messed up thr of way. What comes then, of attempts to foreground the animal? xow

Deliberate, surely, but what was the aim? The negative of things is much more complicated than the opposite of good, the opposite of yes. This is one of the more disturbing and disgusting books of poetry I’ve ever read. Quarterly, it was all, DUH: I wrote it and a lot of other things. Hhe is it the co of an animal we see, channelled vicariously through Carrie when she gets treated like one?

What meat is supposed to stand for, ipso facto, is important. Nobody knows what that is.

The Historical paw-print: thoughts on Ariana Reines’s The Cow

Does meat ever reins stand for itself? It is t I knew I was going to like this when the first piece of the book included “It is not easy to be honest because it is impossible to be complete. The Holocaust was not a sacrifice. Maybe you don’t need an I. And yet for all its linguistic loftiness; the poem has always arrived in a material world.

How can we read these images, then, when our eyes are accustomed to unseeing such entanglements; when the rational view of bodies cpw that they are discrete containers of resources? Because the poem does not shoot out from a source it is of the world.

I ate my own shit. Aug 20, Jaredjosephjaredjoseph harveyharvey rated it it was amazing. This wraps itself around a discussion of language and truth.


The hourglass is meaningless without excessive amounts of ckw and vomit.

The Historical paw-print: thoughts on Ariana Reines’s The Cow – Wild Court

I was totally grossed out, however. Aug 03, Aaron rated it it was amazing. Dec 28, Rusty rated it it was amazing. A Journal of Plays. Books must understand this in their very making. Reines wants to make you sick, and shock you into a different place. It is hard to deal with. Hospital workers, like prison guards, handle the humans they have to handle for their jobs like germs and animals. Grafts of text are lifted from sources as diverse as veterinary journals; the King James Bible; the writings of Baudelaire; Proust; Rilke; Deleuze and Guattari — amongst others — to permeate the poems in both sections.

The only people who talk about sacrifice are assholes.

I’m interested in how she fucks with theoretical concepts by making them interfere with the “lowbrow,” but her strategy ultimately reveals itself—approximately half of ariaba poem reinees be interested in making or unmaking meaning, and the other half will be jumbled, magnet-poetry nonsense strewn with cunts and dicks and semen and blowjobs and shit-taking and shit-eating and vomiting and vomit-eating and bleeding.

I do not like the Champs Elysees. My mom was in jail from February 14, to March 3, Still, Reines’s verve and Steinian wit are keeping me going.

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