XE. XZE. XE. XZE. Industrial Label Printer | X-Series. dpi. dpi. Trusted Dependability, Quality Assured. Getting Started. Congratulations on choosing the Argox Xellent Series (X-Series) Enter Printer name (i.e. Argox X PPLB) and select “do not share this. ARGOX X is ideal for applications that require small labels or textile media. Provides greater productivity.

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Close the print head latch. Remove the top cover on both left and right sides. Ethernet Module Status Indicators Secure d-3200 dispenser board onto printer case.

ARGOX X-3200

Setting Display Language Print Head Pressure Steps to adjust are as below: Ribbon sensor error Replace ribbon sensor Note: If there are any items missing, please contact artox local dealer. Make sure media is loaded and media sensor locates under media.

Rtc Battery Replacement Make a form for the keyboard. Counter-clockwise rotate the screw a half circle and test printing; observe whether the printing quality has been gradually improved or not; and stop the adjustment if the quality is improved.

Argox X-3200 Manuals

RS, parallel, and USB interfaces allow easy plug-and-play integration with your current system. For example, the first option of print modes is thermal transfer.


Printer Programming Language A, Ppla Description Product Description The X industrial barcode printer features dpi printing for high quality text and graphics on fabric labels, safety labels and labels for xx-3200 items such as jewelry. The LCD displays this message: For the XVL model, ignore this step. Courier font with different symbol sets.

ARGOX X Label Printer

Do not touch print head surface by bare hands or with any hard equipment. Place the printer within cable distance of the host and printer serial or parallel cable.

Step 4 is automatically repeated. The control knobs can rotate to both directions. Turn on the printer; download the form from PC to wrgox. Figure 3 3 Dispenser Module Peel Lever 25 4. Stand-alone With Barcode Reader For unstable ribbon roll rotation, check the label path and make sure the head latch is securely closed.

If the ribbon ragox wrinkled at ribbon supply, rotate clockwise control knob of ribbon supply, to increase ribbon tension at c-3200 supply and further improve ribbon wrinkle.

Figure 1 1 Backing Paper 24 2. The FEED button does not make the printer peel. Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. Delete by application software for those no longer in use. Unpacking After receiving your printer, please check for possible shipping damage: To enable Cutter function, set by the LCD panel 30 Adjust Position of Label Sensor Function of the label sensor is to detect the gap, notch, or holes of labels, to help the printer for accurate print positions and label length.


Internal Parts Argo Features Check all the data on the showing screen, if it is correct, click “Finish”.

After changing sensor setting, make sure to calibrate before printing. Thermal Transfer printing requires media to print with appropriate ribbon. Then paper can be s-3200 from the cutter as Figure 2.

Argox X | RBS Ltd

If damage has occurred, contact your shipping company immediately to file a claim. Insert the media into the print head module and under the paper sensor guide.

Connect the barcode reader to the keyboard interface. Loose the screws at both sides and rotate counter-clockwise:

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