The Amitāyurdhyāna Sūtra is a Mahayana sutra in Pure Land Buddhism, a branch of Mahāyāna Buddhism. It is one of the three principle Pure Land sutras along with the Infinite Life Sutra and the Amitabha Sutra. Amitāyus is another name for the Buddha Amitābha, the preeminent figure in. The Buddha tells the forty-eight vows of Dharmakara, who has become Amitayus Buddha, and describes His Pure Land of Peace and Bliss. He encourages all. The Tathagata, the Blessed One, the fully Awakened Buddha called [Amitayus], Limitless Life and Primordial Wisdom, the Utterly True Victor of.

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From ancient times to the present, there are such deplorable pains.

He can hardly feed himself to stay alive. Their thinking is futile, which only tires their body and mind. With mastery of the languages of the multitudes, they educate and transform them all. With all-encompassing wisdom, I teach the essentials of the right path and explain its guidelines. I, Tathagata, now teach Vaidehi and also all beings hereafter in order that they may meditate on the World of Amitayux Happiness, Sukhavati, in the western quarter.

Footnotes from the original edition are dated and have thus been eliminated. Both sides of the tower have each a hundred million flowery banners furnished and decked with numberless musical instruments.

Blessings, virtues and wisdom of Amitayus are limitless and so are his spiritual powers, his attributes and his teachings.

They hear and accept the Dharma, in order to disseminate the Dharma and transform sentient beings. They cannot help toiling in cold or hot weather, living in pain. I will explain it now.

Out of His lovingkindness and compassion, the Buddha now has indicated the great Way. The body amitays manifests is always pure gold in color; his halo – bright with transformed Buddhas – and his jewel lotus-flowers are as mentioned above. As they do these things, so too do Bodhisattvas in sutfa in the south, west, and north, in the in-between directions, toward the zenith, and toward the nadir. Stupefied in their loves and desires, they disregard morality. At that time, Ajatasatru asked the warder of the gate whether his father was yet alive.


Neither too weakly nor too strongly, they sweep across the jeweled nets and the jeweled trees, which sound innumerable wonderful Dharma tones and waft 10, kinds of gentle fragrances of virtue. Then, by law, they receive sutraa from which it is hard to escape or to be absolved. Those who have experienced this are said to have perfectly meditated upon the two Bodhisattvas Avalokitesvara and Mahasthamaprapta. Dignified or humble, high or low, people have the same mentality.

The beds of silver ponds are covered with yellow gold dust. His amutayus are pure and untainted.

Buddha Sutras

He achieved command of all dharmas. I will declare my vows completely: In former times you have constantly sent Ananda to me for enquiry and consolation. Without any forethought, they each desire instant gratification.

If any one meditates on the land of that Buddha country, his sins which bind him to births and deaths during eighty million kalpas shall be amitayjs after the abandonment of his present body, he will assuredly be born in the pure land in the following life.

Even when people are told or taught this, few believe it.

Amitayus Long Life Sutra

At the bottom are the poor, the lowly, the vile, and the foolish. We cannot even bear to hear of it. Against the law of conscience, they purposely slander the loyal and the upright. Noble or base, rich or poor, young or old, male or female, they all are concerned about money.

The Sutra of Contemplation on Buddha Amitayus

I now have become a Buddha in this world, and I [teach sentient beings to] destroy the five evils, remove the five pains, and eliminate the five burns. As a demonstration, he learns mathematics, literature, archery, and horsemanship, masters sacred arts, and studies voluminous texts.


They adorn themselves with the merit of their great vows, hastening to deliver all sentient beings everywhere. It is furnished with beds, curtains, and sitra canopies.

As He widely expounds the wondrous Dharma, no one fails to understand and accept with delight the teachings for attaining bodhi. First, they should act filially towards their parents amifayus support them; serve and respect their teachers and elders; be of compassionate mind, abstain from doing any injury, and cultivate the ten virtuous actions”.

Suppose someone cuts a hair into a hundred pieces and uses a piece to draw a drop of water from the ocean. Some crystal trees have aquamarine leaves, flowers, and fruits.

Amitayus Long Life Sutra – FPMT

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The ocean of true and universal knowledge of all the Buddhas derives its source from one’s own mind and thought. When the objects of their concern are all destroyed or dispersed, their toxic anxiety and anguish can find no release.

They can never find this number, which is like the immeasurable depth of the immense ocean. What is the reason? Obstinately attached to their belongings, they refuse to let go of them.

When Vaidehi was thus locked up in confinement she became afflicted by sorrow and distress. Nevertheless, you have encountered a Buddha, and have heard and accepted the Dharma. They have no fear of the law between heaven and earth, under the sun and the moon.

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