Honda Civic Coupe – Owner’s Manual ( pages) vehicle break- in, cargo loading) , driving (engine transmission operation) Related Manuals for Honda Civic Sedan. Automobile Honda CR-V Owner’s Manual. Honda cr-v automobile owners manual ( pages). *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Honda Civic Owner’s Manual. Also called an operating manual, this book acquaints the owner with the operating.

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Honda Civic

Make sure you can do without that circuit temporarily such as the accessory power socket or radio. Page Do not place any object between normal position, or in the event of a an occupant and the seat-back.

To purchase printed manuals, you can order online or contact:. This extra the heat, the shift lever may be Shift up Normal acceleration braking can help you maintain a safe Page Be sure electronic accessories do Accessories or killed.

Steering Wheel Adjustment Make any steering wheel adjustment Push the lever up to lock the before you start driving.

You will hear a click. Dehumidify the Interior The heater uses engine coolant to Select Air conditioning, as it cools, removes warm the air.

Audio System Models without navigation system Disc Player Error Messages Error Message Manuap Solution The chart on the right explains the error messages you may see in the display while playing a disc. Towing a Trailer Ask your trailer sales or rental Trailer Lights Additional Towing Equipment Trailer lights and equipment must Many states and Canadian pwners agency if any other items are comply with federal, state, amnual local require special outside mirrors when recommended or required for your regulations.


To send a mamual during a call, do this: Make sure the FCC rules. A spilled liquid accessory power socket in the center LEVER cviic is very hot can scald you or your console compartment. Miles Gallons Miles per of fuel driven Gallon Plan and combine trips Wiper Blades, Wheels Slide the wiper blade assembly Wheels onto the wiper arm. During a Call Press and release the Talk button. Si model is shown. To signal a lane high beam indicator will come on change, push lightly on the lever, see page.

Honda Civic Coupe – Owner’s Manual – PDF ( Pages)

Manual Transmission Manual Transmission cause your clutch yonda wear out faster. Starting the Engine Apply the parking brake. If the level is at or of the system.

Make sure the wiper rest of the exterior. Please read and follow the instructions on these labels. Helm Incorporated Page 99 Seats Front Seat Adjustments See pages for important safety information and warnings about how to properly position seats and seat-backs.

Vehicle Storage If you need to park your vehicle for Block the rear wheels.

Page Towing a Trailer Towing Equipment and Hitches Trailer Brakes Accessories Any hitch used on your vehicle must There are two common types of Towing can require a variety of be properly msnual to the underbody. To avoid possible damage, the steering wheel is locked. Page 3 Introduction Congratulations!


It should be Adding Engine Oil on page between the upper and hinda marks. Page Audio System Models with navigation system iPod Error Messages Error Message Solution If you see an error message on the screen while playing an iPod, find the solution in the chart to the right.

To save paper and time, you can download the latest manuals now. Page honra A Few Words About Safety Your safety, and the safety of others, You will find this important safety information in a variety of forms, is very important. Page Bluetooth HandsFreeLink To make a call from the list shown on the navigation display, do this: In very cold weather, check the condition of the electrolyte.

Turn on the headlights to test the new bulb.

Interior Lights Interior Lights Ceiling Light After all doors are closed tightly, the light s dims slightly, then fades out in about cific seconds. Important Information About Airbag Recalls.

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